Healthy of rice

The rice can allay one’s hunger, is a Chinese staple food, in fact rice in addition to the satisfied belly still has a lot of other effects.For example help digest and restore virility an etc..Following introduce six kinds of rice of different effect

1, most nourish of is Geng rice hegemony to being

The common big rice that uses to do rice everyday calls Geng rice or Jing rice again and presents translucent egg circular or oval, the rice rate is high, the grain of rice dilatability is small, but the sticky is big.Conduct and actions eats a rice everyday, the Geng rice implies the human body essential starch, protein, fat, vitamin B1, sour smoke, vitamin C and nourishment compositions, such as calcium and iron…etc., can provide the nourishment, calories that the human body needs.

Valley ten thousand inside introduction says and cooks a gruel to postpone a year by health with the Geng rice and has already had 2000 in the our country, the Geng rice gruel topmost 1 F gruel oil can repair a liquid to fill Jing and be of great benefit to Yin liquid and kidney Jing that nourishes a human body, the most suitable proper patient, pregnant woman and old man.scenery famous spotThe Geng rice has Jian appetite, repair medium spirit, keep Yin to promote the body fluid, in addition to vexed quench thirst, solid bowel Xie etc. function, can used for appetite weak, after the vexed thirst, malnutrition and disease physically weak etc. disease, but the diabetic should notice to much eat.

2, most help digestive of is Brown rice

The so-called Brown rice is the rice that will take hull to whet to clean thick bran outer shell but reserve an acrospire in the process in the Nian and inside skin of”shallow yellow rice”.The protein, fat and vitamin within Brown rice contents are all more than Jing white rice.

The thick fiber member of rice chaff layer contributes to a stomach and intestines peristalsis, the agree with stomach digest way diseases, such as disease, constipation and piles…etc. are effective.The Brown rice compares of the Jing white rice even have nourishment, can decline low cholesterol, the decrease has heart trouble and suffer a stroke of several rates.The Brown rice suitable and general crowd is edible, but because the Brown rice contains thicker taste, the quality is close and cook also more time-consuming, valley ten thousand in suggesting before cooking can wash its Tao behind soak to stay overnight with cold water, then connect to soak water to throw in pressure cooker together, cook half an hour above.

3, most restore virility of is black rice

The black rice nourishment is abundant and imply materials, such as protein, fat, B clan vitamin, calcium, Lin, iron and zinc…etc., the nourishment is worth of being higher than a common rice.It can obviously raise human body hemoglobin and the content of hemoglobin and be advantageous to the health care of cardiovascular system and be advantageous to growth of child’s skeleton and brain, and can promote a pregnant woman and disease after the recovering from illness of body is weak, Xiang ignorant Mrso it is a kind of ideal nourishment health care food.

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