quick temper

The autumn eats eggplant more to help you pure hot go to quick temper
The autumn eats eggplant more to help you pure hot go to quick temper?After signing an autumn, the weather is gradual aridity, plus the remaining prestige of”autumn tiger”, the many people will appear the symptom of last fire at this time.There is the parlance of “sign a summer to plant an eggplant, sign an autumn to eat an eggplant” in people Yan, the Chinese medicine thinks, the eggplant is cool, the flavor is sweet, there is pure heat stopping bleeding, decreasing swelling to relieve pain, dispel breeze functions, such as net and breadth bowel benefit spirit…etc.,let time to say so eats in this season some eggplants can decline “quick temper”, in addition to the autumn is dry.But the just- harvested eggplant is called “autumn Jia” in autumn and take to have special subtle fragrance, the taste is delicate, consequently the taste is stiller better than common eggplant.

The eggplant isn’t only the public’s vegetable of quality goods at reasonable price and still keep growing a food to treat good product.In addition to implying abundant vitamin and trace element, also have different from other vegetables at 1:00,production line be rich contain a great deal of vitamin P.The vitamin P is a flavonoid compound and have already helped to keep cardiovascular to keep normal function.Therefore, eggplant to arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, coronary with bad blood patient is all very beneficial.In addition, foreign research the result express”anti-cancer strong hand” within an eggplant still a vegetable, it implies of Long Kui Jian’s composition can repress digestive system tumor to propagate and have certain effect to the prevention and cure stomach cancer.

We at on the market most familiar arrive of is long eggplant and circle eggplant, they exactly have what dissimilarity?Long eggplant and circle eggplant has no too big difference on the nourishment and just slightly has a dissimilarity in the taste.The humidity content in the long eggplant skin is abundant, the fiber is also thinner, so the quality is soft.But circle in the middle of the eggplant skin humidity less, the fiber is thicker, the taste is opposite and a little harder.So cook,play slippery waterway circle eggplant much with stir-fry and braise for lord, but long the eggplant take cold Jia as good.

The eggplant way of doing is a lot of and fry to boil deep-fried can cook delicacy, but need to choose health of eat a method.When many people did an eggplant, like to use to fry in oil or”lead oil” burned an eggplant, although delicious, the heat will result in the serious loss of the nourishment in the eggplant, it cared a function to also greatly give discount, and the absorbing of the hot quantity high grease is also disadvantageous to body.Therefore, the havings in the eggplant is eating a method, the cold Jia mire is the most healthy.

First, mix time of heating of Jia mire the shortest, needs wildfire to steam familiar then, therefore the nourishment loss is the minimal.Mixing Jia mire to use oil is the secondly minimal, after steaming good eggplant Dao to become mire, needs a little bit and pours some seasoning juice then.End, mix the eating of Jia mire method nourishment absorbs most completelyvertebra split, because it need not paring, but have a great deal of living creature live material in the eggplant skin.Seasoning juice that mixs Jia mire had better be used olive oil, sesame sauce, mashed garlic and few salt.Need to be advertent BE, the eggplant belongs to sex cool food, if the appetite is unwell recently, will be little to eat and otherwise aggravate the burden of appetite.

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