vegetables table

The four greatest nourishments of stocktaking bean curd extremely go together with a vegetables table
The bean curd goes together with some meat, the protein absorbs so much
The soybean contains the good reputation of “plant meat”, it is the protein second to none food in the plant’s food.The bean curd made into with the soybean,school bus management certainly protein also can’t bad.However, content and comparison of the protein amino acids in the bean curd not are very reasonable, also not is specially suit the digest absorption of human body.

Therefore, if join the very high food of some protein qualities while eating bean curd, can and the bean curd contain the function of “the protein repairs with each other” and make the protein of bean curd betterly drive human body absorption and exploitation.But the food of these high quality egg whites, must belong to meat and egg.Therefore, the meat end cans make the protein of bean curd better to absorb to burn bean curd, preserved egg to mix bean curd etc..

The bean curd adds egg yolk, blood bean curd, the calcium repairs morely

Be like to eat an in the meantime wanting of the calcium slice to repair vitamin D, eat bean curd and repair calcium, will match some foods that the Wei Ds enrich.Because make use of process in the absorption of calcium in, the vitamin D contains count for much function.Although the bean curd contains calcium to enrich very much, the calcium in the north bean curd is ander the rise than commensurate milk,seamans have already while eating bean curd, match vitamin D the content enriches of the food then can increase effect more.

The egg yolk implies very abundant vitamin D, therefore the fresh beautiful slippery delicate egg yolk bean curd is the excellent food that repairs calcium.Animal internal organs, like liver, the vitamin D within blood content is also very high, so is very ideal white bean curd’s making into “red and white bean curd” with blood bean curd together.Moreover, the animal internal organses, such as chicken Zhen and liver of pig…etc. also has good function to the calcium absorption that increases bean curd.

The bean curd adds sea tangle laver, can repair iodine more

The bean curd not only can add nourishment, but also treat a function towards preventing artery hardening from having certain food.This because have in the bean curd a kind of call soap Mao of material, can preventĀ°from causing an oxidizing of artery hardening fat creation.But the soap Mao will bring a trouble:Cause the excretion of iodine inside the body, if over a long period of time eat may cause iodine’s lacking.So, add some sea tangle, and laver…etc. to contain the seafood article that the amount of iodine enriches to cook together while eating bean curd, profit both parties.

The bean curd puts green vegetables,Direction of enchant tree mushroom and defend a disease more

Bean curd although the nourishment is abundant,the meal fiber relatively lacks, eating bean curd alone may bring the trouble of constipation.But all imply an abundant meal fiber in green vegetables and tree mushroom, at the right moment can make up the weakness of bean curd.On top of that, tree mushroom and green vegetables imply many can raise immunity dint, prevent paroxysm anti- from oxidizing composition, match bean curd edible, the anti- gets sick of the function is better.Need to be advertent BE, the grass sour content is higher in the greenery vegetableses,person accompany such as spinach and Xian vegetables…etc., should first the Zhuo cook together with bean curd again all of a sudden, the in order to prevent influences the absorption of calcium in the bean curd.

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