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Tang heart egg how should eat just rest assured?
The thoroughly cooked egg can be overnight to eat, the half-baked doesn’t go, because the half-baked egg may stir up a germ very much while keeping and make appetite unwell.Don’t thinking that timing that the egg cooks being more long, finance mangaingeither is certainly more good, for a long time heats an egg will form vulcanized iron, this kind of material is very difficult drive human body absorption.

True facts

@The city report civil health V quickly:The egg didn’t cook, afraid of mainly is surname germ in the sand door of the egg still have been already remained, if overnight then eat, make the germ stired up very easily.However, cook the too familiar egg also has a problem, iron in which will become not absorb.Eat boiled egg, must control good degree of heating.

Say principle

The egg cooks in the boiling water for longer than 10 minutes, the protein structure will become more close, not easy digest Mao with protein within stomach liquid to connect to touch, so will be difficult digest.In the meantime, the protein in the egg implies a more egg ammonia sour, after long time after heating, it will resolve sulphide and respond with iron occurrence within egg yolk and form a human body don’t easily absorb of vulcanized iron, make the nourishment lost more.

Cook a not familiar egg to there is also disadvantageous place certainly, living the eggshell of egg up may exist surname germ in the sand door, time cooking is short, the germ kills to put out not clean, then can pollute egg while peeling pure, if overnight eat,have beautiful move the germ stirs up more, polluting will be also more serious.And, the not familiar egg still has the anti- Mao the egg white and the antibiosis thing plain egg white is these two kinds of harmful things, the former will influence digesting of protein absorption, the latter can combine with the living creature vegetable in the food and cause human body living creature the vegetable lack and produce spirit languid, the muscle aching etc. symptom.But the egg as soon as cook, above-mentioned two kinds of materials would be broken.

Remind again

Small boiled egg, inside hide knowledge-

1.Boiled egg should cool water at present pot, boiling behind calculate like 5 minutes, cook out like this of egg since can kill harmful to germ, and then a little bit completely keep nourishment vegetable.Notice before boiled egg, should carefully clean the outer shell of egg.

2.Boiled egg, water had better lead an egg, otherwise could not immerse the aqueous place protein not easy concretion.

3.If want to cook egg perfect,Manage finance equation can also before cooking put the egg into cold water to soak in a short while, can attain to lower like this barometric the function inside the egg, the eggshell then can’t break while boiling.

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