fishes delicious

The Chinese medicine tells you which fishes delicious again cure illness
Fish is a good health to care a food.The many people thinks that eat fish than eat meat more health.Expert points out that the fish is a vivid water thing, it implies abundant egg Lin fat, and the protein contained by it compares the protein quality of meat animal has to be a little bit high, therefore, is more opposite than to eat meat, eat fish more health.Moreover, all of fish whole bodies are treasures, each part has different cure Jian body effect.So, which fishes namely is delicacy tasty and have to cure illness effect?
All of fish whole bodies are treasures

We all know “eat where repair where”.Is also say, “eat an eye to repair an eye”.Is this parlance reasonable?The expert points out that the essence of fish is fish eyes.Eat fish eyes, develop to child eyes, the bright degree contains good function,wireless keyboards therefore this parlance contains certain truth.But eat a fish bubble, can smooth lung, dry cough and can also cure voice hoarse, the Yang wait effect.The fish egg implies very abundant protein and there is certain nourishment values.The civil many people likes to use the fish Dan bubble rice wine and also calls it as a tonic.This because, the fish Dan is very bitter, sex is cool, can smooth bowel.However need to be advertent is eat many easily have loose bowels, so generally don’t recommend to eat.

The cure health of the fish effect

Repair the brain effective fish

Big head fish:The big head fish repairs the brain effective fish.The common saying says that the fish head nourishment of big head fish is worth of abundant, it also the someone brain cell develop the egg Lin of demand fat and match a person the amino acids of brain absorption, it implies special protein, to intelligence growth of the child and it helpful.

Increase the blood, repair a liver kidney and cure a kid the fish of the Gan disease

Yellow Shan:In the fish animal, the yellow Shan increases the blood effect had better, go together with a Chinese herbal medicine for example Tu silk son etc. can restore virility sun and cure a kid Gan disease, htpc Keyboardsbed-wetting.Canning also cure noodles nerve to paralyze is generally cook soup or steams to cook effect obvious, more delicious.

Eel:Although the eel has no yellow Shan good increase the blood effect, but it is similar to the yellow Shan to go together with some Chinese herbal medicines can restore virility sun such as Tu silk son etc., cure a kid Gan disease, bed-wetting.The eel outward appearance glued dense secretion very much, therefore need to use the hot water of 60 Celsius degrees to be very hot to lead, once brushed 1 timing with the steel again then can glue a dense thing to clean, secondly the adoption steam of method, its nourishment is worth of higher.

The nourishment is worth of worse fish

Luo non- fish, silver carp fish:Luo the non- fish and silver carp fish is a nourishment to be worth of worse fish in fish.Price cheapness, the meat quality isn’t enough delicate slippery.

The man eats fish longevity, the woman eats fish hairdressing

The folks has a kind of parlance and thinks”the man eat fish longevity, the woman eats fish hairdressing.”The Japanese race multiply greatly the ability of posterity strong, the folks thinks is because the Japanese man likes to eat the cause that the fish livings.Introduces according to the expert, the fish egg white really grows developing of system and maintains a good function to the male, but the fresh delicate meat quality of fish very easily drive human body digest absorption, have to the female’s skin tight to, dispel a pox of effect.Therefore, no matter is female or male, should eat some fish foods in good time.

Fish how do nourishment to be worth of tallest?

Although the fish animal implies abundant nourishment value, if can not adopt a correct cooking method, won’t can get the good effect of adding the nourishment as well.Do fish soup should at quickly pot of time put salt again, lead to put salt quickly, the delicious etc. of the fish egg white, fish nourishment material is easily lived by the salt lock.

To think the fish repair adopt the way for steaming, as far as possible keep the juice original flavor of fish.If the heat fries, fish egg white etc.plate heat exchanger manufacturer the nourishment material be very easily damaged.Therefore, the way for steaming cooks fish to keep the juice original flavor of fish, its nourishment is worth of higher.

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