fatty acids super marks

Drink two cup milk tea anti- type fatty acids super marks
The joss-stick is sweet sweet, lubricate such as silk of milk tea unexpectedly do the greater halfs all have the anti- type fatty acids of high content?Report a reporter to understand lately and quickly, milk tea implies anti- type fatty acids, cream mostly become because of joining to pass plant oil hydrogen to turn while producing a creation, in the middle imply in great quantities anti- type fatty acids.
Two cup milk tea anti- type fatty acids super marks

Make milk tea to contain anti- type fatty acids bag milk tea in the supermarket more to also contain anti- type fatty acids now

This week, the protection committee(call “eliminate to protect Wei” as follows) of consumer rights in Shanghai City releases of 1 make a beverage sample examination result to raise concerns on the net now.According to know, in this time 19 milk tea that take out check, anti- type fatty acids content more than a gram of samples contain 3, more than 0.5 grams have 8.Reported a reporter to check lately and quickly Shanghai eliminates to protect a Wei official site, milk tea brand list have never discovered to disclose, henceforth search a local medium report way, temporary didn’t discover to have the milk tea brand to bring up an examination as well, therefore temporary didn’t know if involve in very well-known big cast in the region, happy lemon and 58 ℃ etc.s national catena milk tea store of Guangzhou.

The reporter learns of, World Health Organization once publicly suggested:In order to promote cardiovascular health, should as far as possible control the anti- type fatty acids in the meal, biggest take quantity more than 1% of total energy is not.Is also say, if press an adult to absorb energy every day on the average 2000 kilocalories to calculate, then absorbing anti- type fatty acids every day should not more than 2.2 grams.See thus, parts of milk tea only drink more than 2 cups for a day, the absorbing of anti- type fatty acids measures ability easily super mark.

Make milk tea to contain anti- type fatty acids more now

Up take out to check milk tea anti- type fatty acids high result to this time Hu, and south university food director Fu in the research center is bright to call it’s not surprising, and is always all existent circumstance, therefore need to cause the consumer’s attention.”As I see it, milk tea inside all basically is doing not add is real’milk’of, but the cream that adds to is similar to coffee companion, this kind of cream is to pass plant oil the hydrogen turn but get, while the plant oil hydrogen would produce in great quantities anti- type fatty acids while turning.”He also tells a reporter, the anti- type fatty acids is specially big to the cardiovascular bane of human body, the possibility of the meeting increment cardiovascular disease, cause sugar metabolism and fat metabolism abnormality.

The reporter goes and sees one virtuous road in Guangzhou to wholesale a market and also discovers on October 20, 2011, several files all are selling a cream product, not a few product packing up all mark clearly to used for making milk tea.A file lord even says to reporter, if don’t fill with cream creation milk tea, milk tea the root can’t include “the felling that the silk stockings sort lubricates”.So Guangzhou is on the market well-known brand milk tea store, whether just like the cream wholesale dealers words, “have to” use a cream creation milk tea?

Bag milk tea in the supermarket also contains anti- type fatty acids

Reported a reporter to go and see big cast, 58 ℃ and the well-known milk tea chain store of happy lemon etc. lately and quickly, but the employee of 58 ℃ and happy lemon puts forward to the reporter of whether use a cream problem, mean that the raw material is unified by the company and goes together with and sends, not that clear, the attitude declines to comment;But the employee of big cast milk tea store then moves away a bottle of milk powder in reporter’s in front, and when wear reporter’s noodles to ladle up a milk powder is from the bottle and put into a cup to make milk tea on the scene.As for another a call by milk tea beverage Zhao of the dining chain store fairy Zong wood, the company’s related representative director then definitely means to the reporter, the milk tea product of company absolutely didn’t use a cream and used milk to make with Bao tea and drinks now.

So these milk teas that don’t add a cream, whether anti- type fatty acids can the content consumedly lower?To this, the Fu is bright still hold reservation, he said and understood according to him, majority of milk tea even if is add a milk powder blunt adjust, also will join the hydrogen of one fixed amount to turn plant oil, because if don’t add, milk tea can’t have that kind of the special silk slipped to feel.The reporter also took this problem to consult several milk tea stores, but all didn’t get to definitely reply.However the reporter discovers after going and seeing each big supermarket in Guangzhou, hot sell on the market of brand milk teas, such as Lipton and Qiao nest…etc., goes together with to anticipate statement according to the over-wrap in of mark, all have hydrogen to turn plant oil composition, therefore also imply anti- type fatty acids.

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