oyster sauce secret

You don’t know of oyster sauce secret
The oyster sauce lives medium familiar and such as sauce vinegar in normal times and lets us has never hard once considereds it at us.You if cautiously observe, will discover currently the oyster sauce of sale explains in the product on the market in, only have composition, there is no composition content, can’t even be like Shi oil that sort mark clearly grade, why?

If walk into inside in the supermarket to cautiously see, will discover the species of oyster sauce to be like Shi oil and have a particularly the series of ,United States and, doing not  is only former”oyster sauce” two words can generalize.On being that the brand of oyster sauce is more and more, current hundred years grand old, be like records by Li Jin of oyster sauce house, there is also the talent person of younger generation that the recent years emits a head, like sea sky, even haven’t well-known small word generation.Two is the species of oyster sauce to start to be thin turning, current walk traditional route of old pack series to continue, there is also the wily taste to play a new technique, like exclusively get a noodles oyster sauce and mix a vegetables oyster sauce etc.;Three is the factory house with real strenght to turn oyster sauce product line, like sea sky records the foundation that the oyster sauce originally possessed advantage at Li Jin up, beat a local market by 4 product lords.Can say, and compared formely, oyster sauce already the species became a big species since the childhood.However, is wholesaling a market to see according to the reporter, with 230 grams packs for example, the wholesale price arrives to°from 3 dollars one more all much has bargain, but 240 grams of certain pack of can sell to 2310 dollars of costliness.If you cautiously see a bottle of the label on body, they all all will mark clearly, there is oyster juice in this oyster sauce, but why can the oyster sauce price differ so greatly?

Oyster sauce price thus not even problem, Guangzhou City seasons the Rui mountain of Luo from bureau chief in food graduate school to mean, mainly because different oyster contained in oyster sauce juice is different.

First understanding once the oyster sauce actually must imply what composition.According to the GB|the oyster sauce national standard of T21999-2008 stipulates, the oyster sauce is the juice liquid that makes use of oyster to steam, cook behind to carry on concentrated or directly use the oyster meat Mao solution, again join sugar, table salt and starch or change sex starch etc. raw materialBelgium to establish, assist with other go together with to anticipate the condiment that makes into with food additive.The definitely expressing among them oyster sauce has to get to imply oyster juice.

Luo’s bureau chief revealed, the production of oyster sauce mainly had two kinds of methods now, one is make use of oyster to steam, cook behind of the juice liquid carry on inspissation, two is directly broke off cook juice with the oyster meat, again join sugar, table salt, starch and change sex starch etc. the raw material make into, these two kinds of methods didn’t divide a superiority, the production comes out all is have oyster juice of oyster sauce.In Guangdong, one is an adoption to directly purchase oyster water to carry on oyster sauce production, like to the beautiful Zhai, it is directly to purchase Fukien one oyster water taking is a raw material;It is directly what adopt livings an oyster to broke off cook juice to also have one, like Li Jin records.But regardless which mode of productions all good, the oyster sauce inside must definitely imply oyster juice.However no matter you picked up which brand of oyster sauce to see, you will discover, its top didn’t express how much oyster juice content is.This is why?Luo’s bureau chief says, this because the national standard didn’t compulsorily stipulate that the factory house must definitely mark clearly oyster juice content now of how much.Of so will appear this kind of phenomenon, is because the technique in present stage can not examine an explicit weight that oyster juice has in the oyster sauce.

To answer this question we have to return first overdo see the main physics and chemistry index sign of oyster sauce.We of so will use an oyster sauce, think that it implies oyster juice, the flavor is enough fresh.But represent this fresh word of, is an amino acids Tai nitrogen.

But according to standard in the nation, the oyster sauce main physics and chemistry index sign amino acids Tai nitrogen content wants ≥ 0.3| to is 100 grams.Since there is this explicit index sign, why say an oyster sauce to still can not definitely examine a composition of oyster juice?Luo’s bureau chief means that that because the oyster sauce usually joins Shi oil to increase salty flavor, but equally imply amino acids Tai in Shi oil nitrogen!If computes according to this, so even if amino acids Tai nitrogen content of a bottle of oyster sauce inside attains every 100 grams of contain 0.9%, you can not also break to settle it is to come from oyster juice and still keep coming from Shi oil.Therefore standard in the nation in just didn’t compulsorily request the factory that the house has to get to list oyster juice content, therefore, oyster sauce can not also ratings.

So we how know the oyster sauce that wes purchase the inside necessarily implies one fixed amount of oyster juice?Luo’s bureau chief means that that can pick brand.The generally big brands will compare a quality control, therefore the oyster adopted in oyster sauce juice content will be also opposite and higher.Like to the beautiful Zhai, its 230 grams of packed an oyster sauce to be divided into commonness to pack to pack with Jing two styles of,Accept a beautiful the former of the amino acids Tai nitrogen content for every 100 grams of contain 0.3%, the latter is then every 100 grams of to contain 0.4%.But for those too cheap oyster sauces, like a dollar many bulky cargo oyster sauces as far as possible little buy, because only the packing expenses all want to consume a dollar, can oyster juice weight imagining an inside actually had how much.

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