food to treat a gruel

Prevent and cure a kidney disease to rather try a food to treat a gruel
Gruel, ancient times calls Mi, Tan, and Yi…etc., the ancients writes Yu.A year the four seasons, there is gruel in the meal, can not only adjust an appetite, promote appetite, but also can drink the humidity that the body loses.So think from thou, drinking the gruel can cure illness also can make the person promise longevity.Have jotted down concerning the gruel since Han Dynasty.Ming Dynasty Lee Jean of 《Chinese Herbal Materia Medica 》the medium row contain 50 various gruels.

(A)the kidney burning food treat a gruel look for support

1, corn beard gruel

[Use to anticipate]:Corn beard the 30 grams and leaf is 30 grams of before the car, the spring onion white is a , the Geng rice is 100 grams.

[Method for making]:The leaf, who will clean, puts into an earthenware cooking pot after cutting to pieces, then puts into corn beard and spring onion before the car white, add just the right amount of water with the small fire and fry for 60 minutes;Skim, join a washed rice again, add some water cook gruel, leading 40-50 minutes can immediately pot.An everyday, the cent twice takes sooner or later and treats a distance for one on the seventh.

[Effect]:Benefit water decreases swelling, pours to leak muddy.

[Apply a disease]:Be applicable to a nasty chronic kidney Meng kidney to blaze, urethritis, bladder inflammation etc. patient. exposition view exhibition

2, the rice gruel of Huang Mao Geng

[Use to anticipate]:Taking yellow Mao is 60 grams of, the Geng rice is 50 grams of, and the brown sugar is few.

[Method for making]:First Huang Mao Jia water decoction 40 minutes, take medicine juice and Geng rice to cook a gruel together, join brown sugar Yang to eat after turning, every day 2 times, sooner or later 1 for each.

[Effect]:Have the function that repair the Pi benefit stomach. times oscillate

[Apply a disease]:Being applicable to the chronic kidney of appetite infirmity is burning.

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