Ltd. Long-day and other three units in the investment to build vaccine plant

Recently, the State Food and Drug Administration of the original committee member, deputy director Zhang Jingli suspicion of accepting bribes, the crime of false accusation, the crime of illegal business in the Second City Court for trial. The prosecution alleged Zhang Jingli amount of 117 million yuan of bribes; the illegal sale of his books compiled operators amounted to more than 2,300 yuan, the illegal profits of more than 1600 million; instigate others to more than 1,300 letters sent letters bringing false charges against others.

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56-year-old Zhang Jingli are from Anhui, graduate education, a former People’s Liberation Army General Logistics Department of the Ministry of Health Assistant, People’s Liberation Army General Logistics Department, Ministry of Health Deputy Secretary for Health and Family Planning, Secretary. Since October 2003, he served as the State Food and Drug Administration deputy director, committee member. December 24, Zhang Jingli criminal detention by Beijing Public Security Bureau.

Since then, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission announced Zhang Jingli ; life corruption. According to media reports, the Food and Drug Administration notified Zhang Jingli internal processing decision on the spot broadcast a video, is Zhang Jingli in

day in court, Zhang Jingli dressed in civilian clothes, was accused of three counts of that part of the approval, the defense counsel for the accused were Zhang Jingli do exculpatory defense.

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ask for bribes, prosecutors charged a total of bribery Zhang Jingli 4, a total amount of 117 million yuan. Alleges that Zhang Jingli in 2005 to last April, a company in Guangzhou, Hong Kong during the project of building an international pharmaceutical company several times for help, and to the company in April last year to ask for 380,000 yuan, general manager of Lumou .

bribe from the other three books are achieved through the request. Alleges that from 2006 to last year, Zhang Jingli has for the Beijing Investment Co., Ltd. Long-day and other three units in the investment to build vaccine plant, contract prescription drug agency to provide assistance on such matters, to ask after the 1400 sets of three units called make dollars And Zhang Jingli is this covering longevity, treatment of various diseases, odd side of the


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