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14, Yulong County six mountain came to Guangzhou to participate in training teachers, when they are shopping in the Tianhe district, police mistakenly arrested as a criminal gang. Said to be led by teachers, was face to, the hip was playing. Site pulling in four teachers with multiple injuries. Present, and Yulong counties in Yunnan Province Department of Education official has been rushed to the local matter. Yunnan Provincial Department of Education revealed that 20 had sent a letter to the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, we hope to investigate, draw conclusions, to give compensation.

teacher was mistakenly arrested in Guangzhou injured

>> rebellion rebellion

has an insider said, six in Yunnan teacher training in Guangzhou during the police mistakenly arrested. According to reports, November 14, Lijiang Yulong Naxi Autonomous County in rural primary six minority teachers arrived in Guangzhou, Ministry of Education to participate in the organization of the Central Museum of audio-visual training. Six teachers, three men and three women, aged between 26 to 35 years old, are the first to Guangzhou.

day, 17:10, Tianhe District in Guangzhou Shipai Road overpass, six plainclothes police officers mistakenly arrested by teachers, teachers involved in the scene pulling multiple injuries. Five teachers were brought to police, back to the Pai police station, a female teacher freed after calling 110. Police know, that arrested the wrong person. Until 3 am the next day, the police station the request of teachers on the parties not reach an agreement. Subsequently, these teachers return to training station.

when shopping by plainclothes arrest

>> parties

20 days, the parties are still female teachers in Guangzhou Huan Wang (not his real name) said in a telephone interview , 14 pm, six people who go shopping, female teachers visiting the Wang Huan said at the time the street looks a bit confusing, and later learned that there have been a few days before the loss fraud gang.

alarm, but then some people came for me, I quickly ran, ran a few meters but was not caught. back to the police station a few minutes later, the police to check the bag of 5 items. About 10 minutes later, the break to find that female teachers in Guangzhou City Board of Education responsible, through their coordination, >
was on the ground being kicked

Wang Huan said that in the process of pulling her hand injury. After a medical examination, soft tissue contusion. Wang Huan said,

led teachers to Zhang Kai (not his real name) said that there were three men and one woman in four teachers in the pull injured his hand is also injured during the arrest. think we have illegal signs, do not buy things wandering around there are illegal signs that do? . Training hard to come by, we had filled with joy, but I never thought would happen.

Zhang Kai said, the teachers hope the police investigate the incident and make a clarification issued by the text, and teacher compensation property damage caused by the arrest, but not settled. Guangzhou Public Security Bureau sent a letter to


>> Department of Education

parties, according to a teacher, at present they are and negotiate compensation for the police station, but not reach an agreement.

20 days, police station, Tianhe District, Guangzhou Shipai a female staff member said that the matter is under investigation, the relevant departments of Yunnan Province has been handled in coordination with the local police.

It is understood that after the incident, Yunnan Province Department of Education and Audio-Visual Education Center Deputy Director Yang Bibo Yulong county leaders rushed to the relevant departments of Guangzhou to help deal with the matter.

Yunnan Province Department of Education spokesman, said Wang Jianying, deputy director, Department of Education about the incident very seriously, according to the law will make every effort to protect the legitimate interests of six teachers. At present, the Provincial Department of Education has formally written to the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, expressed the hope that in the survey give a clear objective as soon as possible after the conclusion and argument, and for the specific circumstances of the teacher to give appropriate compensation. According to the

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