the police quickly determined that a strange phone call from Chongqing

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Reporters from the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps ten divisions Bali Ba cover Reclamation Public Security Bureau, the local police recently cracked a case of extortion and arrested three suspects, the case cracked at the same time pull together voir dire, in which plot and

extort 200,000 yuan hush money

points, were sleeping, a branch manager of tension to hear mine. Who jokes early in the morning? In the coal mine for many years, he knew that the items are very strict control.

looked strange phone number, the tension of the heart fluttered. To play safe, he let subordinates Xiaoyuan to view the location of the phone said.

through a simple search, Xiaoyuan really found a few detonators, there are even regular code.

At this time, a strange man came in and beat the phone: clear.

clear, if not money, he would report to the public security organs, the tension is very clear loss of production units, explosive kind of punishment will be.

20 万元 Although not a small figure, if the remaining detonators may be lost to the community, not 20 million to this risk measure, tension determined mind to come to report.


three groups received the alarm call, the Corps ten Public Security Bureau of Reclamation built the Interpol division Bali Ba brigade task force rushed to the scene, on-site survey.

site located in the State Road side of a simple bridge opening, through the screening of clues, the police quickly determined that a strange phone call from Chongqing, the detonator under the bridge opening is placed the day before.

these detonators from the mine into the library has a detailed register of every person to have access to the detonator suspects, but these detonators issued last year, piling up the register to find, difficult to imagine.

After five days and nights of the investigation, a man named as the sword of the surface, while police found the body into a sword and a man closely linked in Chongqing, the police also seized a house into a sword to be Pirates of the detonator. At this point, Chongqing also good news, in cooperation with local police, two suspects have arrested Zhao Gang and Sun Jian.

into a sword and Zhao Gang is the hometown of Chongqing, has been all mine workers in the country, their main purpose is not to go down to work to earn hard cash, but aimed at the chance to dry a

things are compounding money.


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