head. January 1994 to August 2001

Wangjiping born in August 1948. After demobilization in 1974, in the Haidian District, a restaurant when the salesperson. After 1977, a former Communist Youth League secretary of the company, Haidian District, Food, Party Committee member, Deputy Minister of Finance and Trade, Haidian District, Haidian District, deputy head, head. January 1994 to August 2001, he served as the Beijing Municipal Industry and Commerce Administration Bureau. In September 2001, transferred to Local Taxation Bureau. In November 2008, he served as member of the city CPPCC economic circles.

Wang Jiping, former director of the Beijing Local Taxation Bureau was charged with corruption and bribery 4.35 million yuan 10.47 million yuan; lawyer said the defendant did not see the .

recently, defense lawyers said Wang Jiping, Wang Jiping case will be in the hospital this morning in a trial. Counsel, will the prosecution alleged corruption, not guilty defense.



indictment involving 15 million yuan, in 2002 to 2009, Wang Jiping alone or together with their relatives, using as the Secretary of the Local Taxation Bureau of his office, the engineering contract for others to help, etc., has received many units and individuals for their money and goods worth 435 million yuan in total, which is suspected of accepting bribes.

same time, the prosecution alleged, Wang Jiping 2002 to October 2004, the use of his office, together with Beijing Yu Lin Tianyuan Technology & Trade Co., Ltd. (Yu Lin Tianyuan) legal representative, close to its long-term 42-year-old businessman associated with Zhao Yun, Municipal Local Taxation Bureau Information Center, a joint venture with the Yu-Lin Tian Yuan, Hanson set up Beijing Heng Technology Co., Ltd. (Hanson Heng), the actual control by Zhao Yun. Subsequently, Wang Jiping, who become the wave of the Yu-Lin Tianyuan Electronic Information Industry Co., Ltd. the sole authorized dealer of tax control device password, and then from Yulin Tianyuan increase the tax-password device, sold to Hanson Heng, which will plus the price of RMB 1047 million yuan of illegal possession. In this process, Wang Jiping suspected of corruption.


1047 万元 should not be considered as public funds

Recently, Wei Wang Jiping’s original defense counsel introduced, the prosecution alleged corruption section 10.47 million yuan, Wang Jiping, and I not seen. And that amount should not simply be identified as public funds, therefore, hearing the case against corruption allegations, the defense of not guilty.

as 10.47 million yuan, Zhao Yun, or whether all fall into the pockets of others, and for the prosecution of the bribery charges Wangjiping defense, the lawyer declined.

It is understood that the case had previously heard Wangjiping will be November 18 hearing, the court has to issue a notice, but was later canceled.


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