the number one Who has served in many professional managers of financial institutions

(Reporter Zhang Yi), (microblogging), Social Entrepreneur Foundation (microblogging), the Chinese Red Cross Foundation (microblogging) (hereinafter referred to as red Foundation) among the top three. The red base will list, so the list sparked considerable controversy.

contributions to charitable organizations nationwide to receive a total of 6.26 billion yuan; Mei after the incident, the United States from June to August, the national charitable organizations received a total donation of 840 million yuan, down 86.6%.

Red Foundation’s list and among the top three, so this list was of the users questioned. Reporters noted that in last year’s list, with red base will make the list. In this regard,

It is understood that the list ranking is based mainly for basic information, fundraising information, information on project implementation, financial disclosure, disclosure issues daily six. Based on these criteria, the red base will score higher ranking.

Zhou Jian pointed out that workers in For example, the red base will launch the Although there are flaws in the query data, but this is a good start. At present, the red base in the form of information disclosure has been leading, br> Looking at the list of 25 charitable foundations, private foundations, outstanding, not only the top ten private foundations accounted for nearly half of Africa, the top five, non-public fund is accounted for first, the first second and fourth position.

Zhou Jian workers told reporters that the sudden emergence of non-raised funds, on the one hand as a relative newcomer to the establishment of these funds, private foundations can learn from the shortcomings of the original and avoid detours; the other hand, a group of non-public funds the founders of the concept of a more mature mode of operation more in line with international standards of public funds the operation of the concept. For example, the number one Who has served in many professional managers of financial institutions, listed companies to disclose the criteria Foundation financial situation, use the


transparency one, found two out of a larger list, and many can not find the name on the list last year, the Foundation this year became the top few.

As the evaluation system changes, the list changes as well.

and regulatory agencies websites.

Zhou Jian workers that people to participate in the supervision.


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