to ensure transport safety

Xinhua Jinan, December 7 (Reporter Yuan Jun Po ) Reporters learned from the Jinan Railway Bureau , at 11:30 on the 7th or so , the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail line and Jiaoji the contact line between the section of track some parts fail , the current has led to some train delays , the specific recovery time has not been determined .

According to Jinan Railway introduced , after a failure , to ensure transport safety , Jinan Railway Bureau has closed the section of the measures taken , and the organization of staff go all out to repair .

Jinan Railway Bureau official says , affected , Shanghai and Qingdao , Beijing to Qingdao, the part between the EMU trains will run late .

is still stuck in the Jinan Railway Station Ting told reporters that the direction of opening over the D335 from Beijing at 13:10 the train should be assigned to stations , but not the station , and D345, D337 have been delayed , some passengers have to wait a little anxious .

Jinan Railway passengers due to train delays to apologize for the inconvenience .


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