600 from $ 1

Need many years to double per capita GDP? British financial magazine ten thousand U.S. dollars mark, will be entering the

● Data

China to double per capita GDP of the UK only one-tenth of the time

According to McKinsey’s leading research institutions, data from the Industrial Revolution in Britain, the United Kingdom spent more than 150 years to make the per capita GDP more than doubled, rose to $ 2,600 from $ 1,300. And 120 years later, the United States doubled to achieve the same amount of time spent (about 53 years) is about one-third of the UK.

But the report pointed out, look at China, this figure has been greatly shortened. China from $ 1300 per capita income rose to $ 2,600 level, time spent one-tenth of the UK, only 12 years.

Moreover, the report said, the International Monetary Fund’s per capita GDP growth forecast shows that only seven years, China will be able to per capita GDP doubled from the current $ 8,400 increase (in purchasing power parity conversion), breaking million dollar mark , will be entering the

● view

Steady growth of China’s economy to foreign media reports are somewhat optimistic

China Labor Association, Vice President and Chairman of Remuneration Committee of Hanan morning interview with this reporter, said that the first should be clear, purchasing power parity per capita GDP of China and China’s National Bureau of Statistics released by the result of non-purchasing power parity does not comparable purchasing power parity per capita GDP in China is much higher.

Hanan said, according to National Bureau of Statistics is expected to result, per capita GDP growth this year may reach 9%, while the overall growth rate during the second five to 8%. And according to this growth, then, the British

Hanan pointed out that the current development situation, the global economic downturn, the European debt crisis has not eased, great uncertainty.

And China after 30 years of rapid development, the economy is in a stage of steady growth. If by But the current situation, more difficult.

Hanan pointed out that the future of development, China is to avoid middle-income trap. Solve the income problem, according to the current GDP per capita income, optimistic point of view, China’s fastest to the 8 to 9 years to double per capita GDP.

The world’s major economies, per capita GDP doubled the time required

Economies, current per capita GDP time

(In purchasing power parity conversion)

China $ 8,400 for seven years

India’s $ 3,700 for nine years

South Korea’s $ 31,800 for 14 years

Japan, $ 34,400 23 years

U.S. $ 48,100 for 24 years

United Kingdom $ 36,000 25 years

Germany, $ 37,900 27 years

Note: purchasing power parity is two or more currencies in different countries to buy the same quantity and quality of goods and services price ratio.


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