if the security personnel found a suspicious item in luggage

3, open a U.S. court documents show, a U.S. Army soldier on active service on 31 December last year, almost carrying C4 plastic explosives on board airliners.

Investigators have been in this criminal prosecution soldiers, but the latter denied boarding deliberately carrying explosives, was not aware of C4 explosives, said in his handbag.

■ two violations

Soldiers involved called Atwater, aged 30, who lives in Hope Mills, North Carolina.

December 24, he and his family from North Carolina to Texas over the Christmas holiday. Atwater at the Fayetteville airport to board a flight, the airport security screening officers with scanning equipment, he found a military smoke handbag.

Court documents show that airport officials were warning of Atwater, still allowing him to board the plane.

7 days later, Atwater again in Midland, Texas, International Airport was stopped by security personnel. This time, he’s handbag appear explosives. A U.S. Transportation Security Administration staff with the scanning device in the bag Atwater found a suspicious object. The police bomb disposal team identification, suspicious of the C4 explosives.

Document does not mention whether Atwater’s handbag has detonated explosives detonators.

Atwater elite troops under the

Atwater claims bomb disposal experts, three to the battlefield in Afghanistan, in April last year to return home. He explained to investigators, in Afghanistan, where his special operations team tasks will carry at least two C4 explosives, he did not know when the bag back to the U.S. within the explosives.

In general, C4 can be used for blasting explosives tied to hinge on the door or suspicious device detonated.

Atwater said he returned to the United States, the bag has been stored in the garage at home. Vacation before leaving, he took out bag, put some children’s products. At that time, he checked the bag of the largest pocket, did not find C4 explosives.

■ fear of imprisonment

C4 explosives come from the greatest doubt. Court documents suggest, Atwater does not rule out explosives in Afghanistan possible. However, there is a doubt: December 24 last year, he boarded the plane, handbag whether there are C4 explosives?

In general, if the security personnel found a suspicious item in luggage, will once again be careful of this baggage X-ray scanning, to ensure foolproof. Court documents did not say whether 明费耶特维尔 airport security personnel to perform this procedure.

In addition, Atwater investigators initially received inquiries, no mention was stopped 24.

FBI agents in the prosecution file, Richardson said: forgot to mention this event in.

Investigators the final decision on the Atwater criminal prosecution on charges of trying to carry explosives on board. If convicted, Atwater faces up to 10 years in prison.


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