and composed of two submarines ‘ Dokdo Island from the fleet in ‘

Global Network reporter Chang reported , according to South Korean media reports , South Korea in order to strengthen the independence Island ( Japan called from the fleet on the island . The aim to take one hand and China and Japan in response to a territorial dispute between , on the other is in response to neighboring naval forces increased.

According to Korea , (about 2.733 million yuan ) .

South Korea’s parliament , said that 500 million won mainly used to study the Japanese Navy in response to the increasing power and the development of In this Budget, the additional conditions clearly indicate that DAPA is to According to the result , South Korean Defense Ministry plans to establish It is reported that South Korean military to prepare for the first preliminary study with 500 million won from 2013 to begin preparations

Special Committee on Budget and Accounts official said : and composed of two submarines ‘ Dokdo Island from the fleet in ‘ , and plans in the next five years to invest 6.5 trillion won the fleet . base.

Rocks for the Soviet Union , the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman has said , the Soviet Union is located in the northern East China Sea reef underwater reefs , China and South Korea in no territorial disputes. China in the Soviet Union ‘s position on the rocks is consistent , clear, ROK’s unilateral actions can not produce any legal effect . ★


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