up and out and equipment of troops up to the participants.

New Year, with the The voyage, the regiment in the Pacific successfully completed the first deep sea low altitude search and rescue, medical support high-sea hard drills, combat effectiveness of new breakthroughs.

In the past year, the group adhere to the training voyage, the Gulf of Aden and Somali waters escorted to speed up combat power as a major task to generate a paradigm shift in practice platform, setting a Navy aircraft carrier task unit into combat readiness level of the shortest turn, before the distances, the longest time you start the flight, the flight time of up to one frame, one ready to fly up to other 12 subjects breakthrough, marking the regiment in the complex conditions of real combat training level to a new height.

The carrier-based aircraft carrier group is the first military helicopter unit, has participated in and accomplished the construction of Great Wall Chinese Antarctic research station, the South Pacific salvage tank rocket data, aerial submarine missile and other major tasks, with the ship has visited nearly 40 countries and regions around the world on five continents, three oceans track. Performed in 10 batches of Navy escort mission, the regiment has sent nine helicopters to escort five batches with the ship, dispatched 172 officers and men passengers, naval aviation is to participate in batches of up, up and out and equipment of troops up to the participants.

Groups of units across the ocean sea, experience in big waves in the growth of the drill ground for the New Year into a steady stream of energy. Reporters witnessed the Yellow Sea in winter a real state of emergency driving. Take-off command is received, ship quickly attack aviation sector: the hangar, exhibition rotor, drive … … just last October the regiment returned from the Gulf of Aden flying three deputy brigade commander Li Zheng quickly to place, the driver went to the target aircraft emergency sea, to sea-based aircraft carrier off the shortest time record of fighting challenge … …

On-site commander, political commissar Yang Jiang told reporters: In recent years, the regiment party committee to Jiangong dark blue, to expand the mission as the main theme of the implementation stage, the Pacific, Indian Ocean unfamiliar waters as training grounds, to take off as a battle every time. Adopt a task, for the first time without landing ground to do to protect emergency fuel vehicles, the first full on their own organization and other logistical support of naval aviation The deep ocean iron wing, military aviation anti-submarine, sea search and rescue combat capability has been a qualitative leap.


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