only encouraged Japan to attack the Soviet Union. Today

Ming Jesuit Catholic missionaries in China, with the astronomical calendar and clock as a gift to enter the missionary work in China, due to the failure of Rites. The Opium War, the British Protestant missionaries missionary to China, the schools and hospitals built by China to enlightenment, and ultimately with great success.

Chinese National People’s Congress are grateful American sense of justice, In fact, University of Illinois in 1906, President James submitted to the President Not the same as the United States and other powers, from the outset a big way in China, education and training pro-American cultural elites, and thus to influence through their control of China, is extremely thoughtful cultural strategy.

As America’s first preparatory school, Tsinghua University, Beijing University (now Beijing University), Nanjing University of Nanking, Changsha Yale University (the big half, China has trained several generations of the pro-American intellectual elite.

After the reforms, most Chinese students are sent to the United States, sending provincial government has continued to train senior officials to the United States, deeply affected the elite in America today that China’s political, economic and cultural intelligentsia.

In addition, since Yan Fu’s translation of Evolution and Ethics after the century China by the inferiority terminally ill, generally constitute the intellectual elite of China’s pro-American cultural history of Chong reason the United States.

Japan originally by the U.S. and British support to counterbalance China and Russia. 1894 Japan launched a Sino-Japanese War, the United States and Britain by a Japanese consortium to provide military loans. The United States in support of the Japanese occupation of Korea during the Sino-American military advisers to help China defeat the Japanese Navy Northern Fleet, also chimed in Japan to the Chinese diplomatic blackmail cede territory and pay reparations. 1931-1941 decade, aid has been on the U.S. invasion, only encouraged Japan to attack the Soviet Union. Today, the post-war Japan by the United States castration, has become a sovereign country is not complete. Sino-Japanese relations, such as the Diaoyu Islands issue, China-US relations is in fact behind.

Chinese intellectuals today, in addition to pro-American worship beauty, but also filled with a clear atmosphere of hatred of Japan hate Russia. Turn on the TV, across Japanese television. Japanese subjects continued to stimulate the people’s hatred towards Japan. At the same time, the history of Chinese intellectuals to reverse the verdict set off large-scale wind. One of the most sensational of reversing the verdict, is made Soviet agent murdered Chang Tso-lin Huanggutun event, the Soviets forged Negative I do not intend for discussion here, just want to say, to reverse the verdict at this exculpatory for the Japanese invasion of China, the Chinese people to hate the Soviet Union.

Today, Chinese intellectuals hate hatred of Japan rendered Russia, it seems do not have means. Because this deterioration of relations with neighboring China, only the United States benefit, in line with the U.S. global strategy. And a powerful intellectual forces in China trying to drive a wedge between, hatred of the Japanese and Sino-Russian relations, this tendency is worth ruminate? This hatred of Japan behind hate Russia, have profound meaning in the United States to encourage love of Yan? Also, in Japanese subjects full of screens at the same time, the great Korean War but rarely in our film, whether the pro-American worship outside the United States and the United States fear it? U.S. instigating the South China Sea issue, and encouraged anti-Vietnam and India, C-shaped ring China, as well as financial exploitation, etc., the United States today is the rise of China’s most dangerous enemies. ▲ (


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