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U.S. Los Angeles Times reported a few days before the surprise news to many people, the report said, in addition to high-profile send three aircraft carriers to the Gulf region, the fifteen thousand U.S. troops had been secretly sent to Kuwait, the land and sea Full air power assembled in the end mean? Really went to war in Iran? Intense game and both Iraq and what information to disclose?

Iraq in various fields between the two countries recently engaged in a fierce battle, both sides have played the military card, spyware license, license sanctions, the Iranian crisis is deepening. In the three aircraft carriers gathered in the Gulf, the United States, there has been further military initiatives. United States, first large-scale U.S. military troops to Kuwait, although U.S. officials have argued that this move does not mean to send more troops to war.

However, tension in the United States and Iran in the case, many media that the move is of great American. In the U.S. pressure, Iran has played his cards. According to Agence France-Presse news January 14, a senior U.S. Defense Department official said the Iranian Navy boats harassed the U.S. Navy twice in the Strait of Hormuz ships, one of harassment occurred in the United States, amphibious assault ship, sailed through the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf on the way, when three Iranian Navy boats in the range of about 457 meters fast approaching U.S. warships.

Iran has also recently been playing the spy card. According to Iranian state television reported that Iran said there is evidence that the U.S. planned for Iran’s nuclear scientists with the latest assassination. Although the United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton denied the United States should be responsible for the assassination. However, the assassination of nuclear scientists, wrestling has become a key part of Iraq.

With war clouds hanging over the Strait of Hormuz, recently, the United States against Iran has taken a series of intense sanctions, U.S. officials do everywhere, to persuade the countries supported the U.S. sanctions. However, this response was not the same country, India, Turkey and other countries have sanctions against the United States to say

Pressing harder and harder to face the United States, Iran warned that Arab neighbors warned the West not to impose sanctions on the occasion, to increase their oil production to replace Iranian oil, and said Tehran’s Arab neighbors will increase crude oil production as unfriendly act, the consequences will be unpredictable.

Shui Junyi: Well, after watching this video, we look together through the plate so-called According to reports the basic content is to send two infantry brigades, a helicopter unit, which includes the Army 1st Cavalry Division 1st Brigade, in the Gulf United States also decided to maintain the strength of two aircraft carrier battle groups. Relevant content let’s look at the Army, Army 1st Cavalry Division from December 2011 to withdraw from Iraq, more than 4,500 officers and men, which is close to the current figure. In the Middle East called the so-called It’s equipped with main battle tanks like M1A1/A2, M2 infantry fighting vehicles,

We look at the relevant United States, U.S. forces that unstable regions in maintaining the fighting force. Mr. Yin, give us to analyze, if the report is true, the Americans send more troops to the secret here, what is the purpose in the end?

Are reviewing: U.S. military: do not send more troops to Kuwait for the war?

Expert opinion: the U.S. military action against Iran is seriously prepared to do

Yin Zhuo: we can judge from the strategy, the United States is a solid, earnest to prepare for military action against Iran, the military is doing this preparation.

Shui Junyi: first interrupt, to determine your experience, how much of the credibility of the news?

Yin Zhuo: I think this is relatively large and credibility. The two combat brigades to fight a war as that place is definitely not enough, and if if the use of force, now entering the period of Desert Shield, the deployment of troops is still adjusting to do, but the real military action against Iran is the highest decision-making to other Barack Obama determined, according to his election, to determine the situation at home and abroad is not the use of force. But these two brigades must be prepared to deal with Iran, which is either military action against Iran, or support the embassy in Iraq, because Iraq’s embassy where there is 16,000, which are mostly Americans, this very fragile, and now Iraqi Shiite with Iran has become a Shiite section, and now in Iraq leader Saddam Nayi Lang passport in political asylum in Iran, their origin should be fairly deep. If we use force, if the U.S. can catch a large number of U.S. embassy hostages, this time two brigades may play a role.

Another Sources also said that the United States to be between the original anti-missile exercises, now do not show, and now we read each other, the United States and Israel may have conflicts between each other. But this is unlikely, there may be contradictory, this possibility can not be excluded, but the main it may be transported into the Ba Jiuqian are people with combat equipment, is to defend Israel’s combat equipment, are the anti-missile is that it is the combat equipment, so it is not prepared to exercise where it is exposed, such as the frequency does not want Iran to master, so go with the exercises in the name of operation, and then placed there, to the end of the exercise, Ba Jiuqian people in Israel and eating and living, nearly a year to do, who believe it is this.

Shui Junyi: Yes, this argument makes sense. Yin, look at how we were discussing the topic?

Yin Gang: The U.S. trip is to strengthen both their own weakness, the United States and Iran if the standoff in the Gulf region, then there will be weakness, Iran’s air defense forces are very poor, not the poor in general. In fact, Iran is very easy to play, but very worried about retaliation against Iran Gulf GCC countries the affordability, so that after two brigades to Iraq is stable.

Shui Junyi: Because it has an inside, including some of the emergency response mobile force.

Yin Gang: This is not sent to the Iranian military battlefield, across the sea there is no use, would not send ground troops to fight Iran and other Gulf countries, the military from Kuwait to United Arab Emirates are very stable, with less than ground forces, Iran’s ground forces will not come.

Shui Junyi: United States,

Expert opinion: The United States issued a warning to Iran seriously

Yin Gang: The United States wanted the Iranians to know, we are seriously preparing for war, the U.S. is very interesting recent actions, repeatedly emphasize we are not with the Iranians to scare people, if you really block it, really making nuclear weapons, we really play, but also is open that is written repair, but also by a show of force, the United States and Iran are now each other very seriously Sword, Sword of your hard that your sword a little soft.

Comments are: Iran, the U.S. military mine to be ranked with the dolphins?

Expert view: the United States and its allies are fully capable of wiping out the Strait of Hormuz mine

Shui Junyi: This is our analysis it is also confusing, and some also pay attention to some details, then one of the details reported today, I noticed this quite interesting, the Americans really have noticed some of the details, Americans are to the Gulf Many areas were able to mine the dolphins, 80 dolphins mine, which is one of its data, is the U.S. military mine clearance dolphins. How to work it, is said by the dolphin’s sonar system through which it can be found in mines, mine clearance and dispatch engineers to the mine sweeping. Mr. Yin, how to interpret such a message? Whether it is true, but the U.S. is not noticed at least some of the details of the problem?

Yin Cho: Yes, because blockade of the Strait of Hormuz is not the greatest threat to the American anti-ship missiles or submarines, these things should use it to grasp the technology is relatively large, but not sure of is that most mines, the U.S. Navy from Army since the end of World War II from the actual development of the hysteresis is not as good as mine force European countries, the first Gulf War and during the Iraq war, to get through the Strait of Hormuz mainly by European countries, the United States, not mine minesweeper , mine is by helicopter, but the effect is not very good helicopter mine. The United States proposed the dolphins were in the past, is indeed being trained dolphins in with dolphins for mine hunting, mine clearance, mine-hunting is mainly found where mines and mine-hunting camp with engineering or send explosives to put in there.

Shui Junyi: This technically, including the training of animals on the fly from it?

Yin Zhuo: tricky, but possible, this training has been training for over ten years, 20 years, not only from the beginning of this year, very early training in mine-hunting dolphins, dolphin hunting, mine hunting and mine than the one to have a significant advantage, is very sensitive, and sneak in a long time underwater. Again dolphins have sonar systems, it is said this also with artificial sonar to help it find mine, because mine-hunting, or to use television, or use high-frequency sonar, it is not particularly clear profiling, while the Once the cloth inside the mines to the sea, in particular, Shen mines, mud or seaweed will soon be buried up to, hard to find things with wood and stone, but this sonar can penetrate the plant, penetrate the surface of the sludge was found inside the metal, just like mine. If it is anti-ship must be large mines, the mines must have such large metal objects inside, the plastic is completely impossible, it is possible.

Shui Junyi: This can also be understood as the United States sent a message to Iran is that you do not worry mine, we’ve got more than 80 Dolphin, 3 minutes to solve all your mines, but Iran also have strokes, just short in our also referred to Iran to send boats to harass large warships. Mr. Yin Gang also mentioned, two games each weakness, Iran’s air force is slightly worse, the United States has its other weakness. Like to use this boat to harassment, including aircraft carriers, including large ships, Iran is not very good? I see a lot of Iran’s military exercises, including what we now see that things are dry.

Yin Gang: the 1980s tanker war, when a small boat carrying four rocket is to a large tanker to fight paralysis, and not now, this four rocket-propelled grenades hit ship Bust, harassment like this one that are not used, The harassment took the AK-47, holding automatic rifles are teasing play on, it makes no sense. Iran knows the United States will not fight it.


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