animation and production of military training.

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firmly establish the information-led, information superiority concept, officers and men actively

December 28, 2011 to January 10, 2012, Selected one of us, the readers.

People’s Army on January 5

Not long ago, a leader in the Lanzhou Military Region, a Red Army division

The Red Army division, has reached an average of 1.09 people a computer, leave and go out to perform the task to remove the officers and men can be said that everyone has a computer. Teachers Wanghai Jiang said:


To dispel some of the soldiers to operate a computer’s The second battalion of artillery regiment Dean Chu instructor invited a friend who has only a junior high school diploma and projector set up computer operation and demonstration of image processing technology, is one example.

Demonstration class that day, his friend keyboarding, mouse, do the correction for background, do landscaping, see the soldiers eyes are straight. Some soldiers on the spot to the faith:

A ripple. Many non-commissioned officers,

Speaking of men have brought the construction of computer information technology scale, regiment political commissar Li Hong Jian said computer is a tool from the surface, essentially a computer that is one of the world, not only the officers and men to enhance information literacy, to promote the work, Many see the potential impact and change.

Reporters learned that the division into more than 500 million transformation of the barracks network, build 8 Internet bar, 12 simulation training places, more than 20 weapons and equipment of digital libraries (Parking), the company network in more than 150 rooms, set up 79 room

Now, into one of a computer, like a red line, the authorities and the grass roots, grass-roots and grass-roots


The end of 2006 the gold surplus army training period in the new church not only to perfect the physical quality of the win, . However, when the church was selected as the gold surplus non-commissioned officers, the troops advancing the pace of information technology to let him feel the pressure: do not understand information technology, will be marginalized. He used savings to pay to buy a laptop computer, thanks to computer knowledge to understand the new fighter Liu Fengkui as a teacher, and gradually learned to deal with images, create courseware, to carry out combat training network, was named the

Jin Ying Tong as the same officers and men as well. Two years, the division officers and soldiers armed with a computer We focus on joint strike, field information systems integration and synthesis of information on topics such political work to carry out R & D research activities, a total of 48 kinds of facilities, equipment innovation, R & D 78 kinds of training software, produced more than 3,000 sets of courseware … …


Some people say: How to shift from a mainly learning-based entertainment? Three steps to go live this division, forming a

Improved by learning and training. Division will extend the network to the class, establish a network for each company training room, multi-study room, please place a computer school teacher sub-topics counseling, organize games, animation and production of military training.

By traction with the activities. The battalion set up

Rely on institutional mechanisms to ensure that. The division requires everyone to participate in National Computer Rank Examination, specifically the study of training evaluation with the information included in the content, to obtain computer certificates, master the profession of information technology equipment such as the cadres promoted the use of non-commissioned officers the importance of selection and promotion criteria.


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