Nine people were injured

(Reporter Zhang Han Xu Lu Yang Lu Liu Yang Man) 10 o’clock yesterday morning, a black Tibetan Mastiff in the West Village, Chaoyang District, in the mouth, nine consecutive bites. Chaoyang police arrived, with three police hit Tibetan Mastiff, Tibetan mastiff penetrating a yard toilet, police used tranquilizer gun to subdue Tibetan mastiff.

Tibetan mastiff bite has not called

Yesterday, 10:00 am, in Chaoyang District, village, Zhang Shuai driving the vehicle due to failure to stop at an auto parts store door.

According to Zhang Shuai said vehicle, he felt a little leg bitten, do not react, a black Tibetan mastiff jumped up, claws toward his left arm, Zhang Shuai hastily taken refuge in the car. Auto parts store owner quickly two children were four and a half years old in the house hold.

Witnesses said the Tibetan mastiff from the north along the road after the auto parts store out, they bite a few people.

Memories she had got injured, the 15-year-old sister Xiao Qing downstairs to buy things, and soon, on the second floor of the family heard Xiaoqing crying, she had got, and parents rushed down the stairs, my sister has been bitten by a Tibetan mastiff.

Miss Meng Xiao Qing, said her mother, she came to save her daughter want to, when surrounded by people shouting, right leg were bitten, she said, after she ran away when bitten accidentally fell, his left foot sprain.

Zhou said, she and her father picked a brick one, want to save the mother dog, the dog rushed over towards her, she was bitten on a finger in each hand. Subsequently, the dog toward her father.

Many wounded memories, bite the process, the Tibetan mastiff has not called off, a couple being chased into a yard, the hospital owner shovel hand dance Tibetan mastiff before returning path.

Hit three police cars Tibetan mastiff

Tibetan mastiff bite stop on the road, warning the residents, the police quickly rushed to the scene.

Mr. Zhang said nearby residents, the police tried to subdue the Tibetan mastiff, but could not succeed. Subsequently, the police on the police car, drove to the Tibetan mastiff collision. Tibetan mastiff ran all the way, knocked down three times by police, and finally go into a yard toilet.

According to Zhang, the Tibetan Mastiff has been left alone in the toilet, police have been guarding the toilets. 13:30 Xu, a tranquilizer gun police who arrived on the toilet side turned to two meters high walls, guns hits Tibetan mastiff.

Tibetan mastiff is anesthetized, the police entered the toilet, to capture and take away.

Nine people were injured, four heavy

Reporters learned from the police yesterday, nine people were attacked Tibetan mastiff, four of them seriously injured, was admitted to the second hospital, Chaoyang District.

The remaining five minor injuries, the Chaoyang District Centre for Disease Control and Prevention for treatment.

Seriously injured were accepted sterilization, infusion, vaccination and other treatment. According to the Second Hospital of Chaoyang District, prescription, treatment of the injured will continue to the end of February.

■ Interrupted

Police are looking for Tibetan mastiff owner

Yesterday, both the injured and some years Zhuangju Min said, not seen in the vicinity of the Tibetan mastiff bites,

Introduce a resident nearby, he heard a man in Year 4 was a black dog in village attack, the black dog’s characteristics and very hot yesterday, very close to the Tibetan mastiff, location is also the site of the incident yesterday. The residents said, but fortunately the man hiding behind a supermarket billboards, was not injured.

In an alley west of the village, the reporter found a pole in a search dog notices: phone, no one answered.

Yesterday, the sun, police said, the Tibetan mastiff is temporarily unable to determine the identity of the owner, the police are further look.

■ lawyers say

Tibetan mastiff owner should compensate

Yesterday, a family of four are Tibetan mastiff attacked Mr. Zhou said the CDC’s destined to spend nearly three treatment thousand dollars, paid all their own. Other Victims, also known as pay for their own treatment.

King Wan Ho Man law firm, said, according to the Tort Liability Act, causes harm to animals, animal keeper or manager shall bear tort liability, but to prove that the damage is due to the infringer’s intent or gross negligence, can not assume responsibility or mitigate. Abandonment, escape of animals abandoned, causing damage to others during the escape, the former animal keeper or manager liable for infringement.

HE Wen said, according to victims and witnesses described the assault before the Tibetan mastiff, mastiff injured no active provocative behavior, so the injured through no fault of this case, the Tibetan mastiff owner or manager (including the original owner and managers) should bear the liability.


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