Go to Paris to enjoy a romantic tour of Rome Food

Go to Paris to enjoy a romantic tour of Rome Food Tours

Is the soul of the Seine in Paris, carries its history, its culture, its arts, its affluence, its arrogance, its romantic with its natural and unrestrained.

France along this gentle and poetic River, cruise slowly forward, the two sides of China and the United States construction Ambilight. Built one after another beautiful bridge from time to time, passing from the top of the head, each dong are beautifully carved with figures statue, silently watching the colors flow exchanges; the magnificent Notre Dame de Paris stands quietly, and to participate in and watch each of the Paris minutes; Louvre Inner Mongolia smile watching the envy of many persons; of course, “totally rocks” station-style Olympic Museum, the Roman Baroque grandeur of the French Institute of Architecture, up to 320 meters of the Eiffel Tower , buried Napoleon’s Invalides … … costumes of the lovers in this flow of restaurant dinner, candlelight water film, the lovers Seine hydrated oath slowly flowing, never stops.

In this ancient and glorious history of Europe, the Tiber River was flowing a broad and deep ancient Rome paradise, “the most primitive Latin God, have brought up a pure girl, girl falls in love with god of war Mars and pregnant , violated a sacred law of Rome. pain she will give birth to a pair of twin brother and into the basket, so that they drift along the Tiber River. However, the two brothers did not drowned, Tiber River flood tide, the basket children safe. a she-wolf found and nurtured them, the brothers grew up later by a shepherd dependent adult after the two brothers in the Tiber River to build a Metro, Rome result. “As the birth of the legend of Rome said, Tiber River is the mother of ancient Rome, clear sweet milk produced a brilliant civilization of ancient Rome, in this natural the rivers to moisten the eternal a vibrant city of Rome.

Acclaimed French

Roman cuisine elegance

Paris, France, the traditional cuisine, to color, smell, shape trilingual been widely praised. French snail-known in the world, there are dozens of cooking, it is said France should be eaten each year more than 300 million only a snail. And a wide variety of cheese is essential Parisians living things. It is said that it is more than 200 years ago, invented by a priest, now we have more than 360 varieties.

Walking in the streets of Paris, visitors can often see some people, arms with a few centimeters in length, thickness arm bread stick, which is a major feature of the local. Bread, accompanied with people day and night. It looks golden, internal soft texture, crisp modest entrance so difficult to let go a long Parisians.

Gras is Parisians another favorite food, eat it there are many, can also make foie gras is excellent Jiapin table. In French Village, has called the world’s three major cuisine is French fried foie gras, and pan-fried foie gras with sweet when boiled the sauce, or to join together dry figs and eat them do not really have a different


Italian food, like its culture, noble and elegant, unique flavor, giving the lip of the romantic Liuxiang teeth. A wide variety of pasta, regardless of how changes in appearance, taste is always so; colorful Pisa, Italy, soft and hard moderate range, cheese flavor is always so strong; there, such as Italian seafood salad, Italian cheese Italian vegetable soup, pasta, lamb chops and silver salt cod, Italian mascarpone cheese Bune coffee cake and cake dessert tirat soil from time to time, such as emitting a delicious tempting.

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