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Unfortunately, including the old and the new more obviously misleading.
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This regard, the United States, Japan and other shooting the historical drama of the war produced, for example, is still broadcast in December 2011 to reflect the Russo-Japanese War, years broadcast a reflection of the Pacific War, Compared to the Civil War drama that they can be said to compete with established now, the gap between the anomalies.

Friends and military enthusiasts look forward to future military Theme on the screens, props and more real, the reference to a more accurate history.

The new

1 BUG1: hand-side light machine-gun fire

Real outcome: Hand machine gun hot airway

The new version of parts of the airway, shooting after burning extremely airway, the hand is not burned strange. This performance heroic scenes, there are also domestic many other film and television works.

Hand-side light machine-gun fire hit rate is actually surprisingly low

Hand side light machine-gun fire not only will be armed hands scorched, if the enemy is not close, then this shooting due to lack of stability, projectiles spread will be unusually large, then if by chance in front of the gunman, there are many of his comrades, then, is likely the result of the enemy not only could not beat, but also wastes a number of his comrades.

In fact, under normal circumstances, as a light machine gun groups rarely have the first charge, light machine guns are generally used as classes at the platoon level fire support, use mostly the bipod open erection in a stable position after the shooting, so in order to ensure the accuracy and continuity of the shooting.

If really want to light machine gunner shoot the truly correct approach is either a bipod to open the bipod feet will be stabilized, so that can guarantee to prevent the gunman hands scorched. Either on the one hand handles, one hand shooting. Or empty firing with both hands to stabilize the frame and the butt of a rifle shot, three kinds of way to be considered is the right approach.

2 BUG2: the officers and men of intensive assault

The real ending: the ultimate ideal of artillery and machine gun target

To the brave of the performance figures, the new But in a real war, this is the enemy artillery, grenades, machine guns, the ultimate ideal target.

In the real impact, the infantry are usually the main skirmish line. In fact none of the Eighth Route Army, New Fourth Army and later the People’s Liberation Army and fighting in the Korean Volunteers in the war waged The real attack is to expand through a certain way.

U.S. 2nd Infantry Division Korean War in the summary of the November 1950 battle described: Volunteers in the attack on a U.S. military infantry company positions, the focus of the beginning of the attack will choose in the main front of the rear side of favorable terrain, attack troops in a row (30) positions. Volunteers for the first time the attack will not arranged in a long skirmish line attack, the attack line is visible up to 60 or 70 outposts, usually 30 to 40.

This shows that our military will not launch During the First World War, the British engineer Lanchester deduced using mathematical way summed up the law in future be known as the fighting relationship between the number of the number of its combat units square with each average combat effectiveness of combat units (average damage rate coefficient) of the product.

3 BUG3: ubiquitous Sten submachine gun

Sten submachine gun known as the TV drama props underwear, and the king. In the new version of Gordon once again through the history of gorgeous. Of Housi Deng the submachine also appear in the film in the hands of the Japanese army special forces, but in front, it is converted into the shape of the German-made MP18 submachine gun. An earlier version of the

In the new version of Therefore, in order to comply with this situation, the Sten submachine gun was converted into MP18 submachine gun like, but not completely converted, from the shape can still be identified.

Sten submachine gun is a 9 mm submachine gun of the British in World War II, mass production and equipment, the British have been using the first 1960s, created a total of over four million. Logistically simple structure, the shape looks very ugly, and irregularities. At first glance, seems to be composed of different size tubes, but the rifle also has many advantages: First, it is a power of quite a good weapon; low cost; third is to facilitate the rapid mass production.

In 1918, the famous German ordnance designers Schmeisser designed the famous MP18 submachine gun. Arms factory production in Bergman Bergman MP18 submachine gun come out, which is the true sense of the world’s first one on the submachine gun. First World War, as the German surplus Mauser pistol and MP18 flowing into China.

1925 Hanyang Arsenal take the lead in imitation of the MP18, but changed to 7.63 mm caliber, 1926 Shanghai arsenal and Jinling Manufacturing Bureau also began to imitate, and two years of production in 6000, Guangdong Gongxian arsenal and Taku shipbuilding also has replica guns and improvements, including 9 mm and 7.65 mm and 7.63 mm caliber. These weapons has the wooden butt of a rifle, a common shape of the left transverse magazine, and the barrel on the sheath covered hole, it is often collectively referred to as the

4 BUG4: fitted modern sight of World War II sniper rifle

Play, the sniper rifle used by the Japanese army also used the 38-type rifle modified knockoff that sight is obviously modern, but the reality, the Japanese use 97 and 99 sniper rifle in appearance and general characteristics of the rifle. than the very obvious. When 97 sniper rifle of the Japanese military factories by Ogura and Nagoya production of a standard 38-style rifle variant. 99 sniper rifle is thicker on the basis of the Type 99 short rifle barrel, fitted with a variant of the gun sight.

After the Japanese Type 97 and Type 99 sniper rifle Truth installed sight obviously depend on the installation position, the eyepiece can easily allow shooter to observe. Play sniper rifle sight is not only a modern product, and the installation position of the front, the shooter aimed at the head almost fit into the gun body, the installation in the actual fighting is extremely inconvenient.

BUG5: 07-style boots through the War

The feet of the Japanese army special forces boots with the audience to open a sort of a small joke: Japanese soldiers feet actually wear a pair of People’s Liberation Army active-duty 07-style boots with the national army soldiers captured at the time the fighting. Of course, compared to the previous BUG can be described as trivial.

Above, only the selection of a new version of

Japanese historical drama

December 25, 2011, continued screening of Japanese rivers drama Original historical novel with the same name as the Shiba Ryotaro, in 1968 (Showa 43) to 1972 (Showa 47), serialized in the Sankei Shimbun. Sakamoto on the cloud

Sakagami cloud

Play performance of the Russo-Japanese War, the war is an imperialist war in northeast China’s land, the play is trying to stand on a new perspective on the key figures of the past re-performance. Finished with Port Arthur in the Russo-Japanese War, was a lot of Japanese hailed as the

Fact Nogi Kisuke in the battle of Port Arthur can only be regarded as quite satisfactory, and three offensive launched Port Arthur can be described as casualties Zhenji impressive only is the wood in the campaign demonstrated the strong determination of the commander. In the third offensive Lushun failure, if not Japan Manchukuo Army Chief of Staff children jade source Taro to Port Arthur the Third Army Command, made the understanding of the Nogi Kisuke, personally 203 Highlands command, and eventually won the 203 Highland, then the results of the Port Arthur battle would still be difficult to predict. The drama of this period is wood to be objective performance.

Similarly, the Tsushima battle with Nogi Kisuke Heihachiro Togo adding that the recognized. Akiyama true on the eve of the Tsushima battle detailed planning, to develop a detailed tactical, which later played a crucial role on the Tsushima battle. While Togo is the tactical guidelines, and Akiyama Masayuki specified in the Tsushima battle to wipe out of tsarist Russia Baltic Fleet.

Japanese war drama props research strictly

Play research for props and costumes are also quite strict, whether both sides ships in the naval battle, or the uniforms of both sides is both stringent research, hard underwear, large visible gap of the corresponding domestic military film and television works contrast. Also need to mention Recently being aggressively tanks is very realistic. Guojun also employed military advisers, but still rife with errors.


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