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The Government of the United States Barack Obama is considering several sets to slash nuclear weapons program. The Associated Press 14 comments on disclosure of this message, if the above program is implemented, even if the adoption of which cut the smallest set of the United States would take a bold step in the field of nuclear disarmament.
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Or reduced to 300-400

AP An unnamed former government official and a congressional staff, news sources reported, the Obama administration is appropriate, at least three sets of reductions in nuclear program, which has deployed nuclear warheads to 1000-1100 700-800 or 300-400.

The late 1980s, the number of nuclear warheads to reach a peak of over 12,000 pieces. In 2003, this figure dropped to less than 5000. According to formally came into effect in February last year, the United States and Russia, the new version of the reduction and limitation of strategic offensive weapons treaty, 2018, the upper limit of deployed nuclear warheads by both sides should be 1550. As of September 1 last year, the U.S. nuclear warheads has been reduced to 1790, Russia was reduced to 1566.

According to the Associated Press, the Obama administration is considering three sets of programs in 1550 as a starting point, and continue to cut nuclear warheads. This news agency predicted that if the deployed nuclear warheads to 300-400, the size of the U.S. nuclear weapons is equivalent to 1950 levels.

The Obama administration has not yet make a decision on these three sets of nuclear weapons reduction program.

Responsible for drafting the program by the Pentagon, have not yet submitted to the Obama White House National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vito said.

The reduction of nuclear weapons is one of the major policy advocated by Obama since he took office. He put forward the proposition of the

The deployment of 311 is enough,

In the United States, the reduction of nuclear weapons are highly controversial. Supporters argue that respond to 21st century security threats from terrorism, the formation of the Cold War nuclear deterrence strategy no longer works.

3 U.S. Air Force analysts published research article in the Air Force publication

However, the AP analysis, the program being considered at this stage, even select the smallest set of reductions, there may have been fierce criticism of the Republican Party. Critics argue that, if the program is implemented, the strengthening of Russia and other countries nuclear capabilities will inevitably weakened the situation of the U.S. nuclear capability. In addition, the number of nuclear warheads to reduce will weaken the ability of U.S. allies such as Japan, South Korea’s


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