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World Wide Web intern reporter Zhuhai Miao reported , according to the U.S. Cable News Network (CNN) February 21 , Human Rights Watch released a report that more and more over 10 -year-old children in Somalia is facing the ravages of war , where the Islamic radical organization
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The total of 104 , the report said , the Somali opposition armed groups , the phenomenon of recruitment of child soldiers in the past there has been more shocking is that more and more children on the battlefield as .

The report also said that the age of these child soldiers, mostly in the 14-17 years old , and some even smaller , . A 15 -year-old child survived him in 2010 and his classmates – a total of 100 boys were abducted to the organization of the Youth Party , now only two people , including himself , to escape , and the rest were killed a .

According to a member of the Human Rights Watch Tila Na ? Hassan Tirana Hassan, these

In addition, the transitional government of Somalia has also been criticized have been using child soldiers . Human Rights Watch said the Somali government should immediately stop such acts and to punish those who do it .

Somalia’s transitional government army chief Abdul – Qadir (Gen. Abdulkadir Ali Diimi) That the report did not make any comments .

February 23 , representatives from over 40 countries will participate in a meeting held in London to discuss how to restore stability in Somalia .


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