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People Beijing , February 23 ( Reporter Huang Zijuan , Hyo Jin Bo ) this afternoon , Defense Ministry Secretary , Ministry of Defence spokesman Geng Yansheng colonel in the regular press conference on China stationed peacekeepers in Sudan and South Sudan the current situation .
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At present, there were reports that Chinese deployment of peacekeepers to southern Sudan , which is China’s first overseas dispatch of infantry, armed personnel and armored vehicles .

Geng Yansheng this answer: Chinese peacekeepers has always attached great importance to self- vigilance and security and defense in peacekeeping operations . In 2007 , the Chinese peacekeeping troops stationed in the Darfur region has been allocated to Guard units .

the request of the United Nations , long ago, the Chinese Air Force units stationed in southern Sudan peacekeeping force allocated to Guard units . Guard unit , the main task is to bear their own vigilance and security and defense .

recently held at the Chinese peacekeepers in Sudan and South Sudan defense drills , including security and defense , security alert , emergency communications , formulate and improve contingency plans to improve the ability to handle emergencies . Whether to send combat troops to participate in UN peacekeeping , will be based on the various aspects and then decide .


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