and the frequency of the radar

The dawn of February 21, with a loaded electromagnetic interference cabins, act as the ships of the commence a landing ship detachment of more than 10 ships between the composition of the landing base.
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in the formation of a new amphibious landing ship operational command room, the commander is in accordance with the planned deployment of the landing operations, organization and landing battle groups start landing formation. Radar is fixed on the front of the screen, closely watching the trend of the landing group action …

suddenly on the radar screen, a Army has quietly launched the attack. the exercise of

Adjusting team leader of the detachment Ji Hongtao told reporters, and the frequency of the radar, and other information systems, and timely electromagnetic interference to prevent the landing forces operations.

Soon formation data transmission back to normal. in the first transportation group,

preparations for the implementation of the the

Flexible means of communication, withstood the attacks of the cunning

to prevent the back-up channels the command liaison and operational synergies. In the end, landing the group out of the electromagnetic

reporter has learned that since the beginning of the year, the squadron continued to increase under conditions of informatization landing operations research and training efforts to drill through the whole set of complex electromagnetic environment real battle against forces commanders at all levels want to countermeasures out trick and landing operations of the new tactics and training methods to explore the implementation of a number of complex conditions, and effectively improve the overall combat capability of the detachment under conditions of informatization


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