Reported that the Mirage 2000TH from melon Lille

Liu Kun , reporter of the World Wide Web reports: According to Indian Express , February 24 , the Indian Air Force a Phantom the 2000TH coach / fighter crashed in the day of flight training , the two pilots parachuting survivors , the crash site is located in Madhya Pradesh , India , Binder District ( Bhind ).
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Reported that the Mirage 2000TH from melon Lille ( of Gwalior ) the Maharaj Pula ( Maharajpura , ) Air Force Base , the attachment of the base 51 Mirage fighter . Indian Air Force spokesman said the Mirage fighter in the mid – 1980s introduced from France’s Dassault , the flight safety record is good .

It is reported that the Indian Air Force has also recently signed with France’s Dassault , Thales and European missile manufacturer MBDA’s worth $ 3.2 billion contract to upgrade the Mirage 2000 fighters .

It is worth mentioning is that which the crash , the two driving Mirage 2000TH fighter pilots , an Anil – Chopra Anil Chopra, Air Force Lieutenant General . This accident was the second of the Indian Air Force plane crash since 2012 , and January 30 this long ago , a HJT – 16 light ( Kiran ) Mk II trainer aircraft crashed


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