China should strengthen the army. This does not mean the formation of what the threat of foreign

The Fifth Session of the Eleventh CPPCC National Committee panel discussion to continue. Air Force deputy chief of staff to attend for Friendship with Foreign Countries, sectors panel discussion Cai Feng Zhen, General Ben Wang interview in the sidelines of the conference to accept the level of Chinese military spending, the use of force trends, as well as China’s The problem setting them out.
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Q: the Fifth Session of the 11th National People’s Congress on the 4th press conference, spokesman Li Zhaoxing announced in 2012 China’s defense budget is 670.274 billion yuan, a growth in the number 11.2% over the previous year budget execution. You think that the level of China’s military spending is at what level? High or low?

A: I think military spending is still at a low level. From the total, China’s military spending is the fourth or even sixth of the other country. From China itself, before the reform and opening up and reform and opening up, we have been taking economic construction as center, the primary purpose of economic development is to enrich the people, the Army continues to pursue the policy of patience, military spending has always been low, and even owed Many debt. With the modern development and economic growth, China should strengthen the army. This does not mean the formation of what the threat of foreign, but in order to meet the need to defend the country’s core interests. Take the Air Force is concerned that if other countries are third generation machine, the machine above the level of four generations, or generation machine second generation, then to defend the motherland’s territory, airspace integrity is just empty talk. A corresponding level of our military and economic development.

Q: Do you think China’s current military strength sufficient to maintain the global strategic interests?

A: People’s Liberation Army Chief of General Staff, General Chen Bingde visit to the United States last year, has already said very clear that China’s military power compared with the United States there is a large gap. We identified in the development of new equipment, the equipment away from real combat utility for a long time. For example, aircraft carrier, made out to soon be able to service or composition of the aircraft carrier fleet, create came to form general there are a number of years of combat effectiveness of the middle.

In fact, our armed forces in the construction of military equipment, military personnel living facilities, training facilities and military institutions are short of money. Some increase in the country’s current military is used to make up for the gap, some for the development and technological innovation, but by no means a threat to other countries.

Some people say that we are now in the military budget implementation rate was 100%, This shows the plan and use of the military budget properly is another example of military spending is not enough.

China pursues a road of peaceful development. The core interests of the territorial airspace of the territorial waters of the need to protect the input of the current military spending is very normal, but it is not enough. China will never interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, is bent on their own domestic affairs well, to solve the issue of good accounting for one fifth of the world’s population of 1.3 billion people, is the greatest contribution to world peace and stability, we do not output hunger not export revolution. Other countries do not do not believe us.

Q: British media speculation that China’s growing military power with the U.S. strategic focus to Asia to form a Do you see how this argument?

A: I do not think there is overlap. Press release on the 7th, the Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi said that China welcomes the United States to play a constructive role in the Asia-Pacific region, but I hope the U.S. side to respect China’s interests and concerns. The overall situation of China and the United States is the co-operation, the United States back to back to the Asia-Pacific region, China’s military spending, there will be some growth. National economic growth and military spending should be a proportional relationship, which is normal.

Q: Do you think in the future will be greater use of military power, such as evacuation, protection of overseas citizens’ safety?

A: As more and more exchanges between Chinese overseas investment and workers, some accidents do happen. Japan also have a stage in the process of economic take-off, often encounter these problems. This is a normal development, and this is also affected by the situation of the country. Regardless of how the Chinese government based on people’s livelihood and human rights considerations, will try to take care of the safety of foreign citizens. Many CPPCC members have mentioned in the Political Consultative Conference, wants the state to develop policies to protect the safety of overseas citizens and investment. This makes living in the overseas Chinese people have a sense of pride to know that behind such a strong motherland will protect themselves, for their own safety be assured. This is also a deep national feelings. The outside world do not want these things very complicated, these are normal.

Q: for China recently voted against the United Nations involved in the decision of the Syrian case, to vote, voice, saying, If you want to be a responsible big country, should give up the principle of noninterference in internal affairs. Do you see how this argument?

A: Although it was suggested that the different opinions, but I think China and Russia on these issues is a good thing. We should not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries have been insisting that the problem of one country should be resolved by its own people, and believe that the people can solve. Some countries only considers its own short-term interests, but in the long run, if you want to take into account their own safety, they had to carefully consider


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