I believe Hollande will still rely heavily on China

The French Socialist Party leader François Hollande, the evening of May 6, narrowly edged out the UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy has become the new president of France.

François Hollande, the era of Sino-French relations, my view is optimistic, cautious. We note that Hollande or Nicolas Sarkozy, in this fierce presidential campaign, are not too many to mention China policy. This does not mean they do not attach importance to China, on the contrary, indicating that the French leaders of both parties are aware of the importance of cooperation with China. In an atmosphere of tension and hot debate, the debate on any subject will often go to extremes. The two candidates in the debate to avoid talking about China’s objective to leave more space for the future development of relations with China. This is a good signal that the Frenchman careful look forward to relations with China.
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François Hollande, although so far never been to China, but Chinese New Year this year, he personally went to Paris 13 China Town, congratulations to the Chinese Spring Festival. I have worked in France for some years, the impression that Hollande is relatively good at dealing with interpersonal relationships, otherwise difficult to explain, not any of the general secretary of the Socialist Party, the party of the majority of elected and representative of the Socialist Party won the election. In the second round of voting, Hollande not only won the support of all left-wing candidates, but also to secure the support of centrist Bayrou has played a decisive role in the victory. Between China and France in the two-term former President of France Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy during the administration to carry out a number of pragmatic cooperation, bilateral relations have made considerable progress. In line with François Hollande, the interests of those in power, I believe that good at dealing with interpersonal relationships, he will soon master to get along with China to promote Sino-French relations.

In fact, between China and France rely heavily on each other, not just a period of historical stories, but also become the current reality. The importance of France, not only because it is the UN Security Council five permanent members of one of the major Western developed countries, but also because France was the first with the new China to establish diplomatic relations with the Western powers, with independent foreign tradition, Paris the first direct flights with China link up capital of the Western countries, promoting China-EU partnership, France has been the most active advocates. For France early in 1964, Charles de Gaulle has realized that China is a also a long history of the country Today, China has become the world’s second largest economy, even in the control of growth rhythm period can maintain more than 7 percent annual economic growth rate, who can ignore its existence?

Hollande elected the biggest challenge is to lead France out of the shadow of the financial and economic crisis. Immediate procurement capacity, market size, capital reserves, may help to France. For China, the French high-tech is also what we want. In the field of nuclear energy, aviation and aerospace, the financial sector, including interactive investment in Africa, the Sino-French cooperation in space are large.

Speaking of China-France relations also have a little cautious, mainly because Hollande is nearly 17 years, since Mitterrand since the first left-wing French president. Historically, the French left-wing president in relations with China, there are some negative legacy. Mitterrand during the administration of France sold Taiwan’s Concentrated compared to the color of the ideological demarcation from the values ​​in terms of the French Socialist Party, François Hollande, not from its effects. Therefore, Hollande campaign

But equally Hollande also said that in France there are many common interests Compared to his predecessors, as a new generation of French left-wing leader François Hollande, showing a more pragmatic side. After all, the French Socialist Party after 17 years to regain political power, their ideas can not be static. The Socialist Party of China unfriendly policy proved to be not any benefit for the French, as I think Hollande also keep in mind.

China and France are the international aspirations countries. France has been reconciled to the only regional powers believe Hollande also led the French people continue Sarkozy’s big country dream. We hope and believe, in Hollande big country dreams and practice process, there must be a rational relationship on law, elaboration and action.

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