With your taste buds for a global travel

Taste can also travel? Of course, in Guangzhou will be able to. Is not it? Guangzhou gathered in so many countries and regions, the characteristics of food, so that a taste for global travel, it is really easy.

You taste of France

France to copy the first duck

Bamboo bridge over a snail’s pace Ruanhua slag with rich butter-free fragrance, acidity eggplant sauce just solution will not be tired of looting and taste.

Silver Tower duck blood

In France the most famous restaurant is a 400-year-old Tower of Paris Ag Restaurant, silver tower is the most famous of France known as the first duck blood duck, duck restaurant each have a number. But now want to eat duck blood on the silver tower do not have to wait so long because of the Pearl River New City Wuyang Hotel Alice’s Restaurant at the top level, in particular, have been invited from France in the Silver Tower Restaurant chefs worked MR.DENIS charge, the silver tower The blood of good restaurants in Paris and duck feast copy of the court in Guangzhou.

Flying fly wing to wing

In order to create a style palace, already have 23 ultra-high-vision invincible, as well as Alice’s Riverview Restaurant, more specifically white-gold color, to create a separate palace of Versailles during the Napoleonic-style rooms, hand-painted on the walls Chen Zhao The oil painting and special custom-made imitation of Napoleon’s high-Beiyi, gorgeous extravagance.

Royal feast, including a full range of 12-20 dishes, there is a true story, which used the spice sauce is said to be more than 30 yuan / kg higher than the same weight of cattle and also your top. This is said to eat a super-luxury consumption have to feast on the court 45 hours, therefore limited 20 per night, per capita 1,200 yuan, will have 3 days in advance reservations. If you think a thousand dollars is too expensive meal in the hall can also scatter the palace banquet dishes you try it.

Haoshe full-court feast Deconstruction

In an interview all over Alice’s Restaurant media, is the only version of the food that we can try to complete a 12 royal feast of the media package, which would like to know what will be the test, it is necessary to pay attention to the following wonderful picture it!

Argent duck with a special blood vessels to squeeze duck blood, wine and cognac to do at the end of vanilla sauce, soy sauce and duck soup with Yagan Aozhi mixed. Duck breast thin sauce rich import dipped a bit Suxiang strong taste, no smell of mutton, as layers of flavor, such as fireworks bloom, people speak a lot about Fresh.

Snail bamboo bridge over France since snail meat with herbs, cheese, mushrooms baked together, and the Dianzhao pastry bread to eat together.

Flying pair wine with red wine vinegar equipped with thick French fry 100 grams of coke gras outside and tender inside that entrance, check leg into Ostrich four mature and gravy filling fresh taste a little like chicken.

You smell Malaysia

Hot and sour wake-up appetite

In the summer of the most acid Lala would like to eat things to wake up taste buds, this year just tourism in Malaysia, Tourism Malaysia launched Pavilion green food festival, a series of hot and sour Malaysia’s main unlimited supply of food, the best wake-up your stomach.
Lemongrass hot and sour soup is a feature of Malay, hot and sour clear, long flavor, sea bass, octopus delicious anomaly.

Malaysia-based dishes to hot and sour, hot pepper sauce plus a special time for the full weight of spices, rich spicy flavor in with fresh, Xiu Zhao has been very fun. The House and green dishes are basically heavily in the addition of lemongrass, green lemon, coconut and other spices, with fresh fish, cobia, and other raw materials, see the menu that has attracted. Members of the public especially the Malay Nyonya rare ducks, Nyonya is a class known as the dishes, also known as “God father”, from the native Malays and Chinese in the hands of future generations of intermarriage, put ginger, red pepper, salt, Vinegar, soy sauce, mustard flavor, and other materials into a tune, a combination of sweet, sour, incense, and other spicy flavor, unique taste.

Malaysia is Malay Nyonya duck specialty, the acid in the juice with mild sauce, duck instead of incense smell of mutton.

In line with the Malaysia Food Festival, West Road Sports Pavilion chefs green with banana leaves and a heap of tropical fruit Malaysia landmark: the Twin Towers, Malaysia As for the islands, coconut trees and tropical fruits are everywhere, even the waiters are Malaysia dressed in national costumes, with Malay music, dance and film Scenery, a little trance really thought it went to Malaysia!

You taste Spain

High up so that the tongue
Qian shrimp cream sauce stuffed red peppers, fresh bomb Xiarou teeth, sweet butter-specific infiltration Xiarou not cover their own sweet shrimp.

Nianqi a little pearl tomatoes, in the ink-like shading to open the E Huang lights, it may want to drop Yan, cut inside to fill the full detail of the tuna Chengdu, the white pocketsquare than the small nail the lid is also small, People want to eat. The entrance of a little bit, feel perplexed about their sweet eggplant Pearl acid juice mixed with the tuna Xiantian the tip of tongue in layers, such as wave-like way and feel perplexed about the window of a sudden gold rush on the road, the traffic flow of people Jinjie recede There are soft cushion the fall in the circle for seaweed in chair, sitting in Barcelona, Spain, like the night under the sea, cool and soft.

No fresh oysters residue does not fishy, and crisp bacon with the mouth shows the unique flavor of sea water.

Followed by red peppers stuffed shrimp cream sauce, olive oil, lemon distribution of small octopus, smoke pearl oyster meat … … looks are ordinary materials, it is the average Cai Ming, but with a taste for other So that taste buds have experienced waves of high tide, so that reporters feel that this is really a meal Chi Chu those real taste of food, living as a writer Peter Mayle’s Provence in the law meal taste feeling: ” I was still sleeping in the wake of a sudden the taste buds. “Liquor can not help to cool the boss asked, the result is of better men than happy guy’s boss sly smile:” My Spanish is the magic that allows you Tongue high up! “No wonder there’s a menu for Caiming magic’s salad. To continue to pursue it, the boss Shuai song a bit tone: “In fact, because the materials are bought every day, a small amount of purchase only fresh enough.” Shuai practice, but resolutely refused to disclose the boss!

But after a reporter for a whole 5 hours a night of hard-bound soft ground, finally clear why in the name of this category of cool wine bars, restaurants, even so there will be Spain’s snack-time reasons, is itself a handsome boss Food is very picky. He traveled around the world almost, and food all over the Changbian finally indulge in the variety of snacks Spain, is willing to look for a vanilla all over the city. Here, even if you are a person who will not live up to here idle San lazy good time.

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