Salad visual taste of the feast

Dry weather in autumn, we have begun to eat hot pot, meat, Sichuan, such as multi-weight oil flavor dishes, so a few people lit. Suggest all of us, especially women friends often eat salad, which will help to ease lit the body and skin can also add moisture, delicious also beauty.

Salad mainly consisting mainly of fresh vegetables or fruits. Rich variety of vitamins, can promote the growth of human cells, decomposition of the body of toxins, soften the blood vessels. Pectin also delay the body of sugar and fat absorption, and promote digestion, prevent constipation, anti-aging and anti-cancer. Maintenance of the skin, and enhance beneficial bodily functions. As long as adequate intake of our body is very healthy.

Can do some salad vegetables cooked to heat, but most can be eaten Health with salad dressing. Taste crisp salad, refreshing. Taste with sweet and sour, salty, very comfortable to eat together.

Would like to do a good job in a beautiful and delicious salad, first of all, we should know which vegetables can be eaten raw, and which vegetables should be cooked with food.

Health sauce can be eaten with the vegetables are: West lettuce, cabbage, purple cabbage, cucumber, onions, carrots, turnip, green (red, yellow) pepper, tofu, celery, parsley, tomato, fresh lilies, ginger, green onions and garlic.

Food must be cooked with vegetables are: potatoes, beans, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, black fungus, mushrooms, mushrooms, mushroom, lotus seeds, leeks, Chinese cabbage, aloe vera, baby corn, lettuce, Yuba , Garlic, wax gourd, eggplant, bean sprouts, pumpkin, spinach, flowering Chinese cabbage, snow peas, medlar, loofah, Flammulina, kelp, etc..

All kinds of fruit, a variety of nuts, raisins can be directly joined with eating salad.

Do-It-Yourself modulation delicious salad dressing

At home, we can modulation of delicious Western-style salad dressing. Bought from the supermarket salad dressing, the increase in condensed milk, lemon juice with absorption. Can also add tomato juice or fruit juice to reconcile into a sweet and sour salad dressing.

Chinese-style salad dressing their modulation is also very easy. Mature vinegar plus point is, sugar, soy sauce or soy sauce, sesame oil. Then according to their own favorite add ginger, green onions, garlic, pepper and other spices.

To see that so easily.

Mushrooms, apples, celery salad

Green and light yellow with color, crispy and delicious taste, just 40 minutes. For four people to enjoy

Materials: 3 celery, sliced inclined to retain the leaves; 6 Qingpi onion; 4 Cabbage lettuce, vertical cut half; 125 grams of mushrooms, washed and cut into 3-4 pieces, respectively; 2 tablespoons pure premium olive oil; a high-quality apples.

Sauce: 1 coffee spoon mustard, a handful at the end of sugar, 1 tablespoon apple, 4 tablespoons super pure olive oil, sea salt, pepper醉紅袖醉春愁 | 暮色走向深秋 | 琴簫蓮池醉夕陽 | 做個淡然的女子 | The clothes of dream | 夢迴故鄉的奶奶 | 繁華醉挽清風 | 美麗秋日的私語 | 光裡柔情烏鎮 | 在小河邊的夢想.

Practice: The celery leaves and onions Qingpi Add cold water. In another container, the same will be lettuce Add cold water (can maintain crisp vegetables). The mustard, sugar, vinegar, tune into juice, adding salt and pepper and slowly pour olive oil, fully stirring, until the vinegar sauce becomes thick. In the mushrooms add a little salt and pepper. Olive oil in a frying pan will be heated, poured into the mushrooms quickly deep-fried food, a minute on each side, and then poured into the salad plate to add a coffee spoon of vinegar sauce, soaking for 15 minutes. Apple cut to 4 to nuclear, then 4, respectively, cut into Apple 8. Apple, celery and mushrooms mixed. Drain lettuce, salad into intraday. The same will be Li Shui celery leaves and onions,with a cloth, and then half of the amount of intraday Add salad, pour the remaining vinegar sauce. Stir salad, add the remaining celery leaves and onions, ready-to-eat.

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