Secrets of the Yao Restaurant in Houston

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Yao Ming fascination for whom? Tell you, is to make the meal his mother.”

- The United States media coverage of Yao “canteen” of the reviews

“Labeled as players play, eat Restaurant.”

Some basketball star, and not just like to dedicate the game to their skills, but also willing to put their own private and public sharing. Yao’s mother, Fang Feng Di Yao is said to be convenient for a meal, so move the idea of opening the restaurant, the result of “Yao Restaurant” was born in Houston. Du Feng’s parents initially in order to let his son is also used to be able to eat meals later, Dongguan on many a Xinjiang-style “Lily mentioned.”

Signature dishes are roast Beijing duck is also a favorite Yao

Yao Ming and the players sit in the chairs are ordinary double

The elder Bush once every 12 weeks will come to patronize a

Yao mother only cooking for his son

Houston, Yao Ming just go eat the best in Houston, said the Shanghai dishes in his home. But later, Yao eat their favorite dishes will go, “Yao Restaurant.”

Restaurant Yao Yao is the most attractive mother to do the dishes, wonton wife what Yao Yao private wife, Mrs. Yao Private soup, chicken stew mushrooms, as well as by the media people to spread saliva DC Yao mother personally make the braised, sweet and sour small row of small shrimp wonton … … a lot of American media in the introduction, when Yao Restaurant said: “Yao Ming fascinated Whom? tell you, are for him to do the rice mother. Think and Yao Ming have the same treatment as ? If in Houston, how hungry you will do? The answer is the same – go Yao Restaurant. ”

However, even if you go to the Yao Restaurant will not have delicious food to eat authentic “dishes Yaojia” unless you and the relationship between the Little Giant unusual. Yao Fang Feng Di mother has said frankly: “I do not personally cooking for customers, only to his own son to cook.” Or, how come so busy? And ordinary customers compared to Yao’s buddies will be a little special treatment, Yao mother cooking in the person to his son when his son’s passing will be treated with good friends. Yao personally eaten mother to do the dishes were full of praise, Francis and Yao Ming, and several other very deep personal friends, having had the honor.

Yao favorite Beijing duck

Yao Ming, a Shanghai are authentic, but Yao is the restaurant’s signature dishes is Beijing Duck. With chef Liu Gang as saying: “the ducks here are the most attractive dish, the signs are well-deserved food and Yao come have to eat this.”

Yao likes to eat Quanjude Beijing Roast Duck, in particular, to recruit chefs of duck came to Houston, Yao Ming is the first time after having eaten duck master Liu. In addition, the Yao Restaurant chefs still room Sichuan, Yang and Cantonese cuisine chef instructors. Yao Restaurant price than the local Chinese restaurant is slightly higher, but after the opening of the business has been very “hot”, many people must be relatively long row team can wait until a seat. Yao Restaurant opened the first day, light has sold hundreds of bowls of fried chicken, many customers say, “This is the best I have eaten fried chicken to eat.” Even the Yao also “puff”:” Houston, the best to eat the whole of Shanghai dishes in our home什麼是按揭 | 購房者應該如何選擇適合自己的住房按揭貸款 | 環球信貸提供大額物業貸款. ”

Yao Restaurant in Houston is now simply become a “tourist hot spots,” go home in Houston, many will go look at the Rockets game, also to the Yao Restaurant for a meal. Even former U.S. President George Bush often in the Yao Restaurant reservations for dinner.

Special big chair in honor Yao

“Yao Ming characteristics” are Yao restaurant brand. Restaurant Yao photos can be seen everywhere, as well as his parents and Fang Feng Di old photos of a young man play. In the restaurant’s bar is equipped with 3 70 inches (177.8 centimeters) of extra-wide-screen televisions, uninterrupted coverage of various sports events. Restaurant There are six private rooms, and Fang Feng Di specifically for the son of Yao Ming in the VIP room with a handful of very large custom chairs, restaurant walls Yao game photos can be seen everywhere, this also equipped with computers and television in Yao Ming when not in use, this package is also for business按揭貸款服務 | 購車按揭服務的疑問解答 | 購置物業按揭服務的具體方案.

Bar rooms and VIP seats for the “big guys” are tailor-made, lounge in the bathroom also takes into account the “big guy” in the “high” standards. Yao Ming’s friends will be dining here feel at home. “These special than ordinary chair to chair twice,” restaurant manager Fu Ji-lin said, “I have only 1.75 meters, sitting in this big chair, the feet are out of reach the ground.”

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