Watch your dream

Palace this and LiuSheng is the Japanese modern famous swordsman, this is the master of the house LiuSheng. LiuSheng was apprenticed in, once asked keenly palace this: “teacher, you see with my condition, need how long you can become the best practice swordsman?” Palace this replied, “at least 10 years!” LiuSheng a listen to this more worried, ask again: “10 years of time is too long, if I can double, then how long it takes hard can become a first-class swordsman?” Palace this answer say: “that’s just 20 years!” Listen to the words of the master, LiuSheng face a suspicious, immediately after ask again: “if I reuse the time in the evening, on day and night, so how long can become hard first-class swordsman?” Palace this replied: “that you will only tired and die, cannot become the best swordsman.” LiuSheng think the master of the idea was too, asked palace contradiction this: “teacher, why the harder I practicing sword, to be a top of the longer time swordsman instead?” The answer is: the “to become a first-rate swordsman prerequisite is must always keep a, only their eyes, constantly checking. If your two eyes stared at the top of the swordsman, where there’s eyes yourself?” Listen to the words of the master, was is smart LiuSheng suddenly begin to understand, according to the requirements of the palace, and finally become a past history swordsman.

Want to become a first-rate swordsman, not only need to bear in mind that the target, but also need to keep fencing bitterness to see his one eye, constantly self-examination, always thinking, can keep improving, and constantly improve fencing. The palace’s words is to reveal our his, students will be for the people behind him, also can yet be regarded as a motto.

We look forward to reach the goal of more urgent than the mood was born, don’t say 10 years, is three, five years already is too long, if only overnight success. Our eyes stared at the dream, can’t target clear self, also can’t see everything around him, the result is lost themselves, or be outside a variety of temptation or dangerous, so that “capsized’t jie body first dead”. So, in work hard at the same time, we don’t forget to leave a eyes to see themselves, often introspection, weigh yourself of the existing ability, knowledge of his success by can lay the solid foundation, see oneself direction is in correct, think about the action plan is suitable for practical. Through the reflection, we can find deviation, calibration their goals and actions. So, your efforts will be get real return, and unapt fatigue and no gains.

In our journey towards the success of the difficult, might as well remember two first-class of dialogue and wonderful swordsman like them with an eye to see, so, can we will dreams into reality.

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