You choice

A, there is a performance before his master play, disciple told him that his shoelace is loose. Thank master nodded, then squatted down to tie it carefully.

Wait until after turned disciple, and squat down down will XieSong shoelaces. A bystander to see it all, don’t understand ground to ask: “master, why did you and will XieSong shoes?” Master answer a way: “because I were playing a tired traveller, travelled to let his shoes, can get through this thing loosen details the strain of the performance his gaunt.” “Why didn’t you tell your disciples?” “Can he carefully found my shoes LACES, and eager to tell me, and I have to protect him the enthusiasm of the enthusiasm, timely to he encouraged, as for why will unlock, future will have shoes more opportunities to teach his performances, can say ah.” next time People one time can only do one thing, understand to grasp key, is the real talent.

Second, a crow sitting on a tree, doing nothing all day long. A small rabbit saw a crow, ask: “can I like you sit there all day, what also not stem?” The crow answered: “of course, why not?” Hence, the rabbit sat under the tree and began to have a rest. Suddenly, a fox appeared. The fox jump to the rabbit…… And to eat it.

The implied meaning of this story is…… If you want to sit there and what also not stem, you must sit (do) very high.

Three, three people going to prison for three years, the warden to give them three a person a requirement. Americans love smoking a cigar, 3 cases of cigars. French’s most romantic, to a beautiful woman always. And the jews, he want a communicates with the outside world phone. Three years later, the first rush out is American, mouth nose was crammed with cigar, Shouting: “give me the fire, fire!” Originally he forget to fire. Then came out of the French. See his hand holding a child, beautiful woman hand holding a child, belly with the third. The end is the jews, he held hands long prison said: “this three years I contact with the outside world, every day of my business not only no pause, only increased 200%, in order to thank, I send you one Rolls-Royce!”

This story tell us, what kind of choice of what kind of life. Life today is by three years ago we choose to, and today we will determine our choice of three years to the life. We want to select contact with the latest information, see the latest trend, thus can create their own future.

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