Happiness in plain in a good living

He is the most successful circle of friends of a 1 million, buying and selling, assets involved in the domestic cities a year, most of the time fly in the sky, don’t we, his wife would like to see him a difficult. That day he at leisure, please a us to play. In the suburban county area, he package under a villa, let us crazy do STH over and over again.

The wild atmosphere and pure and fresh intoxicated, everyone in high spirits, fishing, barbecue, playing CARDS, dance and play fun. He only, the phone one by one, sometimes is employee error become angry from embarrassment, sometimes for delayed payment, not to the mighty good words, sometimes they for the popularity of the relevant departments of the idea… Although it is a play out, can relax laughter from picturesque scenery before, he had turned a blind eye to a deaf ear. He is so touchy, on the grass back and forth, as trapped beast.

I think happiness is a boiling point, please. Everyone’s situation is different, some people need to 100 ℃ to completely release the scent, happiness and some people, perhaps as long as 30 ℃, can will be happy for the fragrant four fragrance. My friend life rich, smooth, but he means life of happiness and thus improve the boiling point. Day, a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, and even the whole world tour, and not to be his happiness and boiling. And the cleaner, her days of livelihood, poor no higher request, but so reduce the boiling point of the happiness. For her to be but a bowl, happiness braise in soy sauce sparerib, or after supper walk hand in hand with your lover to enron.

Whether a man is happy, does not depend on how much money you, and more by the boiling point of your height decide. The so-called happiness, but the boiling point of the happiness is a little lower, and to reduce some.

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