God bites apple

A man from the blind, sensible, he therefore deeply troubles, recognized the god in punish him, felt no future. Friends and relatives are taking care to care for, but he is not willing to spend your life in mercy.

Then, a teacher said to him: “so everyone in the world is god bites of the apple, all is a defective. Some defects is bigger, because god especially love to his fragrance.”

He was encouraging, from now on the blind to his love as god, began to cheer up. After a few years, the local lips a DeYiShuangXin blind massage teacher story.

God knew about this matter, say with smile: “I like the beautiful and intelligent analogy. But I would like to make it clear: the so-called defects is refers to the physical. Those are moral defects are rotten apples, not I bite, is the moth.”

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