Women show the feelings of the way

From the psychological point of view, and the woman, heavy sentiment, thinking is also feels, and their senses more sensitive than men, especially for the sense of touch. So, a woman more accustomed to feeling of the sense of touch to replace the expression of the language.

Men in and his girlfriend dating, not only with the ear of what she said, but also use eyes to see her what to do. Only in this way, can more accurately insight into her heart in true intention.

Body state linguistics experts study found that everyone has a psychological “alert”, that is, the “power range feeling.” When a person to be self-centered, and around to expansion, form an egg-shaped mental defense and space, once the others invade, can cause he (she) nervous, alert and resistance. The stranger, psychological distance between each other more far, the gap between the body is bigger also. Conversely, the psychological defense and space distance will gradually narrowed.

For example, the normal between husband and wife, the relationship between parents and children is the most intimate, so they can reduce the mental distance between to zero, which produce close contact between the flesh.

So, if you of female the companion in walking, always like &linked your hand, or touch your body that she and your mind has greatly shorten the distance, she doesn’t care about you into her “forces range.”

Some men don’t understand this expression of the way to a woman, when his girlfriend body clings to him, then be elated, took her on their own have physical desire. The results I’m afraid he will be disappointed.

The woman touch the body of a man, not completely to physical contact, more is mental, psychological close move, she might just to express to you and close it. Good That’s all, never thinking wildly.

Women like to use body contact to express his kindness and other close, the man and the man go continuously continuously, made between selfless, they are seldom use action to say of the intimacy.

Close contact between the behavior of the body, in ancient Chinese called “XiaNi”. “More” word from the dog, explained this was just some animal behavior.

The child all like lying in the adult side act in pettish, this is animal attribute performance.

As the growth of the age, people gradually mature in rational, animal primitive habit gradually degradation, or to say it is hidden behind to rational. In this sense, women and little children are more than men of animal.

When a woman shy or not good at using language to express their feelings, she’s used to use body contact, the most primitive, also is the most straightforward way to communicate their feelings as the means.

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