First love unforgettable

Taiwan singer Rene liu, there is a song called “later”, it captured a lot of people’s heart. In this song, liu if English with her voice slowly revealed the sensibility about the story of the first love. What made the first love have so of magic?

Wonderful distance experience

When a person said goodbye to the innocent childhood, entered adolescence. Adolescence is the significant features of consciousness to the opposite sex germinating and produce mystical, yearning and love psychology. The time in one young men and women of the love between quietly, is pure, simple, in the midst of a “ying ying in water, in between the state shall not be language” empty, for them, the love or have the distance of the “far away customers”.

Mysterious distance for puberty for men and women, no doubt, is a recessive stop.

This time, if there is the dominant family and teachers, it would be easier to interfere in the draw against psychological. And this wonderful distance experience in later life but difficult to feel again. This is the first reason why unforgettable first love.

Meet “dreams”

Young men and women to adolescence, usually for his fictional a “dream lover”, create an abstract ideal object, will the mind to form a marriage “model”. This model may be very specific, sometimes is based on a true human model, is sometimes put several people were gathered together. And, in accordance with the “perfect will of the opposite sex in life model”, to seek, to explore in the crowd. Before you know it, finally one day, the passionate time arrival, from the vast crowd found a familiar face, you can’t help to wonder: “good familiar!” Before her (him) with his idea of the aesthetic ideal happened wonderful identical. First love is different from abstract sex transformation of consciousness as the beginning of the reality.

But first love is often goes sour memory, the person of, become a others will never be able to replace people, even into and others comparing one standard. And this man is not the original real person, but it is idolized by our of a standard.

“Contract can be caused by the effect”

Of course, the first love unforgettable and one important reason.

A psychology is called “the pact, nouns can effect”. Western psychologist, do the deed can many interesting test, found the average person to have finished, the existing results easily forget the things, and for interrupted, unfinished, not to reach target things but always remember. This phenomenon is called “pact, can effect”.

This kind of psychological phenomenon can give many. For example, you in my math exam to answer 100 questions, of which 99 questions are done well, is the rest of the that question trouble you, didn’t finish, did not get the answer. When the bell rang, and after their papers you walked out of the room, and the students on the answer, that 99 questions have right results, and the unfinished one problem, classmates tell you the answer. From then on, the unfinished one problem is you deep and long remembered, and that 99 questions but you altogether behind him the clouds.

The results did not get the first love is a kind of “fails to complete the” events. So not if really sex is our first love yearned for one of the important reasons.

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