champion pick to eat

In autumn five flood fruit the champion pick to eat
Autumn various nourishment enriches,BDO chairman explainthe fruit of the flavor fresh United States continuously become available in the market.The fruit that faces a market feast for the eyes, eat which kind had better?Eat in autumn what fruit good?The fruit that see these five styles of autumns to allow of no to miss together.

It is an orange to stop coughing to turn phlegm to help to digest the vitamin B1 a champion

The nourishment is analytical:The signal conduction of the vitamin B1 rightness nervous systems has an important function.The fruit that abounds in in autumn is in the middle, the vitamin B1 of the orange the content is the tallest.The Chinese medicine thinks that the orange keeps Yin to promote the body fluid to help digest and there is the effect to stop coughing to turn phlegm, lung department the unwell person Be feater to eat.

Edible remind:The vitamin B1 needs to be added every day, because similar to all vitamins in the B clans, the superfluous vitamin B1 can’t be stored to inside the body, but will completely eject a body.So, the autumn that abounds in in the orange might as well eat 1-2 oranges every day, add the vitamin B1 that the body needs.But slice can not much eat, because the orange is hot,LED lighting market dry in autumn, ate much easily last fire.

The mistake area rectifies:Eating the orange never pull white tendons and veins outside the orange Rang, this health of part to human body is very beneficial.The Chinese medicine thinks that the orange net has an achievement that net turns phlegm, agreeable spirit to live blood, not only is the food of the etc. chronic disease sufferer of chronic bronchitis, coronary to treat good product, and to long the ache coughing causable chest wait unwell still have the assistance treatment the function.

The nourishment omnipotent champion wants to count fresh Zao to soften blood vessel to be anti-cancer to decline to press

The nourishment is analytical:The fresh Zao compares other autumn fruits, the several nourishment chemical elements content all stands first, like vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium…etc..The vitamin C can soften blood vessel and prevent high blood pressure,LED lamps export coronary and artery from hardenning.In the meantime, the vitamin C contributes to stop carcinogen N-second nitric radicle compound of formation, lowered the formation risk of tumor thus;The potassium can strengthen muscular excitement, can participate in synthesizing of protein, carbohydrate to metabolize with thermal energy;The magnesium has the excitement that repress the nerve, can participate in synthesizing of protein inside the body, muscle constringency and there is the function that regulates body temperature etc..

Edible remind:The fresh Zao has Jian the smooth appetite, keep blood and repair spirit of effect, spirit blood two falsely, appetite function the not good person Be much feater to eat and eats 8-10 for a day then.Need to be advertent BE, the phlegm much knots with big constipation want to be careful edible, because the Zao is partial to heat, will help fire to living heat.

Purchase sticks a private:Don’ting only pick one is big son and also need to pick shape rule and smell have pure fragrance flavor.The color also wants to notice:Good body of Zao Zao is mainly a green, it is a red to up have the area of 1/3.The Zao sugar like this is opposite to say higher.

Since it’s tallest to defend constipation and cure diarrhea pomegranate to contain a meal fiber

The nourishment is analytical:In above a few autumn fruits in, the pomegranate is every 100 grams of edible the content of fiber taking meal a food is the tallest, is 4.8 gram.Discriminate between corn what to wait a thick food BE, the meal fiber contained has in the pomegranate water-soluble, digests a way in the human body in can’t be resolved by the Mao, can absorb water an inflation, thus and consumedly increased the physical volume of excrement, since can preventĀ°from constipation, and then alleviate diarrhea symptom.In the meantime, the germ in the bowel way can make use of these celluloses to carry on fermenting and produce a B clan vitamin.

Edible remind:The pomegranate is abounded in to autumn, LED new LCDthe many people feels to eat pomegranate to is a complicated engineering, but enriches for the sake of it of nourishment value, might as well eat in good time some.

The nourishment sticks a private:The pomegranate obviously refrained from rash action a function, can the puckery bowel stop bleeding and add it has to goodly suppress a germ function.So, specially suiting the thirsty tongue dry, diarrhea and tonsil inflammation is edible.But, pomegranate this kind of refrains from rash action a function, to some people not that feat, if catch a cold sufferer, be constipated sufferer, urethritis sufferer, diabetic, solid heat to accumulate a Zhi.The pomegranate ate much, on the contrary will aggravate a condition.

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