precautions against food poisoning

The autumn takes strict precautions against food poisoning
On September 6, the health department released a concerning the early warning that defends to control food poisoning to announce on its official site.arrest 111 protesters

Should announce to tally up this year the food poisoning affairs of first half year of more concentrated emergence, include the second nitrate that much sees in the small dining industry and the collective dining room to be poisoned;The microorganism that the summer autumn stanza much sees pollutes to be poisoned;And because family food poisoning etc. that the pesticide pollution results in.Before the stanza

Aim at these, the health department puts forward caution, the summer autumn is the food poisoning Gao Fa’s season, for some foods and food raw materials that easily are subjected to a microorganism pollution, eat after thoroughly heating.The especially edible seafood articles, such as fish, shrimp and shell…etc. wants to sincerely keep pair from dissolving the guts Hu germ food poisoning, edible can, pickle, ferment a food to want to sincerely defend botulinus food poisoning.Family dinner party, specially notice the hygiene of food processing process, well clean a vegetable fruit, don’t eat wilding and mushroom.If the occurrence mistake food appears poisoned symptom and send to hospital in time the hospital seek medical advice.Yugoslavia Thursday

In addition, collective dining room and dining industry want strictly according to 《the food additive use standard 》exactitude usage second nitrate, strictly forbid super quantity, super scope usage.The food safety takes charge of a section to want to the production of second nitrate used to a food additive and circulate link to strengthen to take charge of.The hyacinth bean concentration will become available in the market in the near future, while processing hyacinth bean, even want to ensure that the hyacinth bean burn to be familiar to cook deeply, prevent°from taking place collective food poisoning.Wus work properly

In fine, take charge of a section tube good, professional publicity good, the common people raises a safety by himself/herself dietetic of consciousness, three square begin, then can be real to avoid the occurrence of food poisoning

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