Moon cake even

Moon cake even if mark have no sugar also want to be little to eat

Had the medium report the way to say, a diabetic empty stomach after eating two pieces of half”have no sugar moon cake” appeared chest stuffy, annoy short etc. symptom, finally cause shock, luckily send to hospital in time.The expert thinks that the diabetic had better not eat moon cake, even if want to eat “have no sugar moon cake”,want to be shallow under the premise of controling the good blood sugar to taste Zhe, the weight doesn’t want more than 1|4.LED to wait newly arisen industry

According to understanding, have already appeared on the market with natural nourishment sweet flavor malt sugar Chun and wood sugar Chun for the having no of raw material sugar moon cake, not a few diabetics also choose to eat this kind of moon cake.To this, province medicine department university subsidiary vice- director’s king from nourishment section in concord hospital of Fukien as well Ping says, although having no sugar moon cake what to use is a sweet flavor substituteLED of Shanghai industry radicle, don’t contain cane sugar,the raw material of moon cake still cans not gets away from face powder, this is also the starch content high food, have no sugar moon cake diabetic to also want little eat.

In addition, for some health cares moon cakes that joined things, such as abalone, shark’s fin, ginseng and swallows’ nest…etc., the expert thinks because the content is very small and care a function in fact extremely minuteLEDs Lei in Taiwan is crystal

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