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Cooked white rice in conceal of nourishment great knowledge
So, take advantage of the advantage of cooked white rice to not necessarily grow fat!Only take advantage of the three greatest nourishments that the human body needs in fact vegetable:Carbohydrate, protein and fat, can own cave convex have to of shape.
But three greatest nourishment the vegetable is in the middle of carbohydrate, take cooked white rice as an example, the cooked white rice produces after digesting the decomposition of carbohydrate, can be converted into energy by the body most , LED optical parameterbut protein and fat are after digesting have to also interact with other organ behind but produce fueling.

The three greatest nourishments needed by body vegetable

A, the effect of carbohydrate

The carbohydrate can be called carbohydrate again, the digest is most quickly most easily absorbed by the human body, can supply the main source of movable energy.But carbohydrate is in the human body can fully of is burned, produce carbon dioxide and water, can’t produce other materials, so, is the three greatest nourishments that the human body needs the most appropriate energy of vegetable.

Two, the effect of protein

The protein lies in sheen flexibility, black-haired and bright etc. that makes a meat, blood and increment skin to the effect of human body, but if the effect that take protein, on the contrary will can not make oneself originally possessed of the food in the middle, the energy that can provide pure fuel, be into the body basic operation.

Three, the effect of fat

The fat can be divided into animality fat or plant fat 2 kinds, but the fat is more fully many than carbohydrate and protein 200% above calorieses.emitting diode testingGeneral fat after absorbing through the human body similar can from the body inside produce carbohydrate.

Protein and fat become method and weakness of substitute general, as long as body under the sistuation that have no carbohydrate, the existence of the protein and fat will be seen as the substitute of carbohydrate.And, protein and fat before resolving into useful energy, have to then can produce the energy that can make use of through the full match of liver, kidney again, easily result in the burden of body surplus.

Be on a diet regulation

Never because the situation that wasn’t and all on a diet to produce food neglects useful cooked white rice, the taking of surfeit protein and fat, easily make the body digested the process of energy to produce a problem, therefore would produce to reduce more fatty more or the leg department is bulky, fat etc. problem.

Want to improve this harassment, must substitute oneself to re- establish new food rules, only take care of is reduce weight a period, never the food that eat a single kind nourishment vegetable, avoid having the harassment of nourishment unbalance,LED spectral power lead body ill-health or reduce the situation occurrence more more.

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