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Necessarily see in winter:The sweet potato is six kinds of to cure illness extraordinary effect
The sweet potato was the most familiar food in our daily life, in the Chinese medicine, the sweet potato contains the effect of “repair to falsely lack, benefit physical strength, Jian appetite, strong kidney Yin” and make a person”the longevity little disease”.Can also repair in, with blood, warm stomach, fatty five internal organs etc..The sweet potato has six the big health care the extraordinary effect to the human body.Might as well be much more appropriate to eat in normal times.Six kinds of extraordinary effects of sweet potato
1, cook sweet potato to cure hot jaundice:The sweet potato cooks a food, can cure hot jaundice.

2, stir-fry sweet potato the leaf relax bowel:The sweet potato is leaf’s 250 grams and encourage, the salt stir-fry familiar, finish eating at a time, many ripples formsesis two for a day, can cure constipation.

3, living sweet potato the leaf relax bowel:Living sweet potato the leaf pound into pulp and adjust brown sugar and stick navel, can cure to relieve nature impassability.

4, dry the sweet potato leaf’s rattan eliminate thirst:The dry sweet potato rattan is just the right amount of, water fries, can cure to eliminate thirst.

5, the sweet potato powder cure nocturnal emission:Adjust with the sweet potato powder sooner or later every day, can cure a nocturnal emission, gonorrhea.

6, sweet potato the leaf cure Gan to accumulate:The fresh sweet potato leaf is 90-120 grams of, water cooks, can cure pediatric Gan to accumulate, night-blind.

The health care function of sweet potato:

1.The sweet potato has an anti-cancer function

Most have in the food the nourishment material of anti-cancer function is β -carotene(the vitamin AN ex- body), vitamin C and folic acid,machine work principle while three contents are all more abundant in the sweet potato.A small sweet potato(about 2 two heavy) can provide the vitamin A that human body need every day, 1/3 of 200% quantity measures of everyday the vitamin C needed peace treaty 50 tiny gram of of folic acid;Among them, the content of meal fiber is higher than a bowl of oaten gruel.[Delicacies China]

β -Carotene and the anti- oxygenation of vitamin C help the holdout to oxidize the harm that should arouse to take off the oxygen pit sugar nucleic acid(DNA) to the heredity material and there is definitely anti-cancer function.

Often eat sweet potato to contribute to the normal folic acid level that maintains a human body, the folic acid content inside the body leads low will increase the risk of cancer.The meal fiber of high content has in the sweet potato help the stomach and intestines peristalsis, prevention to be constipated and colon rectum cancer of function.

2.The sweet potato is good for heart
The sweet potato is rich to contain potassium, β -carotene, folic acid, vitamin C and the vitamin B6, this 5 kinds of compositions are all contribute to prevent°froming a cardiovascular disease.The potassium contributes to human body cell the liquid and electrolyte is equilibrium and maintain normal blood pressure and heart function.

β -Carotene and vitamin C have the anti- fat oxidizes, the prevention artery gruel kind harden of function.Add folic acid and the vitamin B6 to contribute to lowering the homocysteine level in the blood, the latter can hurt artery blood vessel,changes a hot machine is the independent dangerous factor of cardiovascular disease.

3.The sweet potato prevent°froes an emphysema
University of Kansas in the United States an animal experiment discovers that the vitamin AN in the big rat body of smoking the level is lower and easily emphysema happens;But take a meal to enrich the smoking big rat of containing the vitamin A food then an emphysema outbreak the rate obviously lower.

Some long-term smokers why live 90 years old above but don’t take place an emphysema, probably with they daily the vitamin AN in the food the content is abundant relevant.The researcher suggests that those smoker or passive smoker had better eat some rich foods with the vitamin AN every day like sweet potato with prevent°from an emphysema.

4.The sweet potato has the function of anti- diabetes
The researcher of Japan discovers that the diabetes fat big rat is taking a meal white skin sweet potato for 4 weeks, the insulin level in the blood lowered 26%, 60% respectively after 6 weeks;Erupt now sweet potato can effectively repress the diabetes fat big rat to take orally a glucose after the going up of blood sugar level;Taking a meal the sweet potato can also lower the diabetes big rat glycerin three esters and visit the level of leaving the fatty acids.

The research hints that the white skin sweet potato contains the function of certain anti- diabetes.A clinical research of University of Vienna in Austria discovers that after taking white skin sweet potato and withdrawing a thing, 2 diabetics its insulin sensitivity gets an improvement and contributes to controling blood sugar.

The sweet potato has already been regarded as a kind of medicine food by the nutritionist and uses, the food of nourishment well balanced, its calories only the equal weight big rice produce thermal 1/3, and scarcely contain fat and cholesterol.Often eat sweet potato to be good for human body health, also definitely reduce weight effect.But eat sweet potato don’t eat too manily at a time, the in order to prevent appears cardiac passion and return sour or abdominal distension etc. belly unwell symptom.

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