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The reason of the food poisoning is a lot of.Mainly can is divided into several following type of:

A, germ food poisoning

Mean people absorb the food but causable food poisoning of implying the germ or germ toxin.The reason that causes food poisoning includes a lot, among them, most, the most familiar reason is a food drive germ pollution.Statisticses data to express according to the our country five years food poisoning, the germ food poisoning shares 50% of food poisoning total amount or so, but the animality food is the main food that causes germ food poisoning, among them, meat and familiar meat product stand first and secondly have already changed in character birds meat, ill Xu4 Rou and fish, milk, and leftover rice…etc..

The food is mainly polluted by the germ to have following few reason:American satellite to drop

1, the birds dumb is the birds, disease dumb of the disease before slaughtering;

2, the knife have, kitchen chopping board and tools and implements not Jie, living familiar cross an infection;

3, the health condition is bad, the gnat fly stirs up;

4, the food employee take a germ pollution food.

Not was a person to eat a germ pollution of the food will take place food poisoning right away, the germ polluted food and in great quantities breed to attain on the food can to the amount of disease or breed to produce to disease of toxin, the person eats this kind of food to take place food poisoning.Therefore, another main reason of occurrence food poisoning is to store a way not appropriate or under the higher temperature deposit a little bit for a long time.The humidity and the nourishment condition in the food makes with the result that the germ in great quantities breeds, if thoroughly heat before the food, kill the words of cause germ, can’t take place food poisoning, either.So, the last important reason in order to don’t well heat before eating, don’t well cook.

The occurrence of the germ food poisoning and the food of the different district crowd are habitually germane.The United States is much carnivorous, egg and pastry, the staphylococcus food poisoning is the most;Pleased food sashimi in Japan, the pair dissolves the guts Hu germ food poisoning most;Our edible livestock meat, the birds egg is more, many in the last yearses have been standing first by surname germ food poisoning in sand door.The originator that causes germ food poisoning has the sand door the bacterium, staphylococcus, E. coli, botulinus, and hepatitis virus…etc..These germ, viruses can directly grow among the food, can also after the food operation personnel’s hand or container, pollute other foods.When people eat these foods that are polluted, the toxins produced by harmful germ can cause to be poisoned.Go to summer each time, various microorganism growth breeds prosperous, the germ amount in the food is more and accelerated it the corruption change in character;People added are greedy for cool, often eat the food of having not yet the full heating, so the summer is the high hair season of germ food poisoning.

Two, the fungi toxin is poisonedcriticized dual standard

Fungi the growth breed to produce poisonous metabolism outcome, person and animal anthropophagi this kind of toxic material occurrence in the corn or other foods of poisoned, be called a fungi food poisoning.Poisoned the occurrence mainly pass drive the food of fungi pollution, heating a processing with the general cooking method can not break the fungi toxin in the food.Fungi growth’s breeding and producing a toxin demand certain temperature and degree of humidity is usually consequently poisoned to have more obvious seasonal and local.

Three, animality food poisoning

The food goes into animality poisoned the food cause of the food poisoning is an animality food poisoning.The animality poisoned food mainly has 2 kinds;①Will natural some part implying the animal or animal of poisonous composition consider as a food, the mistake food causes poisoned reaction;Produced the edible animality food of a great deal of poisonous composition under the certain condition, waited to also cause to be poisoned such as the edible Tai fish.Recent years, our country occurrence of animality food poisoning mainly is a globefish fish poisoned, secondly is a fish Dan to be poisoned.

Four, plant food poisoning

Mainly there are 3 kinds.①Will natural imply the plant of poisonous composition or it processes a product to regard as a food and cause such as the wood oil, and marijuana oil…etc. of food poisoning;②Process process in the food in, will can not break or remove the plant of poisonous composition to regard as a food edible, like wood Shu, bitter almond etc.;③Under the certain condition, the plant of the not appropriate edible in great quantities poisonous composition food, edible fresh Huang Hua Cai, germination potato, didn’t preserve ~ in salt good salty vegetables or have never burned familiar hyacinth bean etc. to result in poisoned.General because the mistake eats poisonous plant or the plant seed of poison, or the cooking process a method not appropriate, don’t throw away the poisonous material in the plant but cause.The most familiar plant food poisoning is poisoned for poisoned and poisonous string bean mushroom, wood Shu poisoned;The poisonous mushroom, potato, datura, gingko, bitter almond, and wood oil…etc. canned cause to die.The plant poisoned majority don’t have special effect therapy, poisoned to some severities that can cause and die, as early as possible expel a poison to the preparing of poisoned person behind count for much.

Five, chemistry food poisoningLED the actuator LT3745

Mainly include:①The mistake eats the food of chemistry material pollution that the quilt poison harms;②Because add food class not of or falsification of or forbid the food additive, nourishment of usage to enhance the food of , and super quantity usage food additive but cause of food poisoning;③Because store etc. reason, food make the plain nourishment occurrence chemistry changed, such as grease sour hurt to result in poisoned.The food goes into chemistry poisoned the food cause of the food poisoning is a chemistry food poisoning.The chemistry food poisoning outbreak characteristics is:The outbreak has something to do with taking a meal time, eating measuring.After taking a meal generally soon be taken bad, often there is community, the patient has the clinical performance of homology.Surplus food, vomit samples such as thing, blood and urine etc. in can test to find out concerning the chemistry poison.At handle chemistry food poisoning in response to an outstanding”quick” word!The processing is very important to save patient’s life in time, in the meantime to control circumstances development, especially community poisoned and at that time didn’t°yet clear chemistry poison more important.

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