food of “ill-health”

How to improve the fast food of “ill-health”
Matches to choose in the food up, usually it is thus clear that arrive an issue concerning fast food.However under majority of circumstances, all of fast foods is be placed in is rejected of position, because of, matching of fast food not monotone, and high fat, high egg white and want for vegetable, easily therefore causing is fat, Gao Xie Zhi etc..But no matter how we reject fast food, it is in the crowd of work, is already live in of a part.

Come first to understand fast food why”not good”.General of fast food vegetables type, for the sake of easy keep, taste good, the meat had majority, on the other hand, the meat can keep time to grow after processing some but can’t change countenance, transform, pass a fried deep-fried way, the meat food will be more fragrant, and the fat is in the stomach of row empty time than plant food more long, so, the fast food that finally appears mostly staple food+meat+the grease(fried deep-fried join) be no wonder rejected by healthy personage.That how do we improve fast food?

1.The most ideal improvement way is to learn an alimental diversification to match and be like the fast food of buffet form, so, can press to need to be chosen, the Hun vegetable matches and keep absorbing of nourishment balance.

2.Such as choice scope not big, can use melon act for greenery vegetable, although, vitamin will be a little bit little,other functions,such as meal fiber, waiting almost can keep.Notice in the meantime, can prepare a fruit by oneself and add in the after meal(or of two meals) to add the shortage of vitamin C and also imply carotene.

3.If every day just on having fast food for meal, so can absorb quantity with next meal equilibrium day of food, the meat, fat is many in the fast food, so in the next meal should increase the comparison of plant food.

5.Want to have fast food over a long period of time, as far as possible eat some fruits more after fast food, some can be the vegetable that the fruit eats is also the quite good choice is like green melon, and tomato…etc., can increase vitamin when it’s necessary etc. nourishment supplement.

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