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I believe Hollande will still rely heavily on China

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

The French Socialist Party leader François Hollande, the evening of May 6, narrowly edged out the UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy has become the new president of France.

François Hollande, the era of Sino-French relations, my view is optimistic, cautious. We note that Hollande or Nicolas Sarkozy, in this fierce presidential campaign, are not too many to mention China policy. This does not mean they do not attach importance to China, on the contrary, indicating that the French leaders of both parties are aware of the importance of cooperation with China. In an atmosphere of tension and hot debate, the debate on any subject will often go to extremes. The two candidates in the debate to avoid talking about China’s objective to leave more space for the future development of relations with China. This is a good signal that the Frenchman careful look forward to relations with China.
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François Hollande, although so far never been to China, but Chinese New Year this year, he personally went to Paris 13 China Town, congratulations to the Chinese Spring Festival. I have worked in France for some years, the impression that Hollande is relatively good at dealing with interpersonal relationships, otherwise difficult to explain, not any of the general secretary of the Socialist Party, the party of the majority of elected and representative of the Socialist Party won the election. In the second round of voting, Hollande not only won the support of all left-wing candidates, but also to secure the support of centrist Bayrou has played a decisive role in the victory. Between China and France in the two-term former President of France Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy during the administration to carry out a number of pragmatic cooperation, bilateral relations have made considerable progress. In line with François Hollande, the interests of those in power, I believe that good at dealing with interpersonal relationships, he will soon master to get along with China to promote Sino-French relations.

In fact, between China and France rely heavily on each other, not just a period of historical stories, but also become the current reality. The importance of France, not only because it is the UN Security Council five permanent members of one of the major Western developed countries, but also because France was the first with the new China to establish diplomatic relations with the Western powers, with independent foreign tradition, Paris the first direct flights with China link up capital of the Western countries, promoting China-EU partnership, France has been the most active advocates. For France early in 1964, Charles de Gaulle has realized that China is a also a long history of the country Today, China has become the world’s second largest economy, even in the control of growth rhythm period can maintain more than 7 percent annual economic growth rate, who can ignore its existence?

Hollande elected the biggest challenge is to lead France out of the shadow of the financial and economic crisis. Immediate procurement capacity, market size, capital reserves, may help to France. For China, the French high-tech is also what we want. In the field of nuclear energy, aviation and aerospace, the financial sector, including interactive investment in Africa, the Sino-French cooperation in space are large.

Speaking of China-France relations also have a little cautious, mainly because Hollande is nearly 17 years, since Mitterrand since the first left-wing French president. Historically, the French left-wing president in relations with China, there are some negative legacy. Mitterrand during the administration of France sold Taiwan’s Concentrated compared to the color of the ideological demarcation from the values ​​in terms of the French Socialist Party, François Hollande, not from its effects. Therefore, Hollande campaign

But equally Hollande also said that in France there are many common interests Compared to his predecessors, as a new generation of French left-wing leader François Hollande, showing a more pragmatic side. After all, the French Socialist Party after 17 years to regain political power, their ideas can not be static. The Socialist Party of China unfriendly policy proved to be not any benefit for the French, as I think Hollande also keep in mind.

China and France are the international aspirations countries. France has been reconciled to the only regional powers believe Hollande also led the French people continue Sarkozy’s big country dream. We hope and believe, in Hollande big country dreams and practice process, there must be a rational relationship on law, elaboration and action.

this afternoon

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

People Beijing , February 23 ( Reporter Huang Zijuan , Hyo Jin Bo ) this afternoon , Defense Ministry Secretary , Ministry of Defence spokesman Geng Yansheng colonel in the regular press conference on China stationed peacekeepers in Sudan and South Sudan the current situation .
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At present, there were reports that Chinese deployment of peacekeepers to southern Sudan , which is China’s first overseas dispatch of infantry, armed personnel and armored vehicles .

Geng Yansheng this answer: Chinese peacekeepers has always attached great importance to self- vigilance and security and defense in peacekeeping operations . In 2007 , the Chinese peacekeeping troops stationed in the Darfur region has been allocated to Guard units .

the request of the United Nations , long ago, the Chinese Air Force units stationed in southern Sudan peacekeeping force allocated to Guard units . Guard unit , the main task is to bear their own vigilance and security and defense .

recently held at the Chinese peacekeepers in Sudan and South Sudan defense drills , including security and defense , security alert , emergency communications , formulate and improve contingency plans to improve the ability to handle emergencies . Whether to send combat troops to participate in UN peacekeeping , will be based on the various aspects and then decide .


to escape

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

World Wide Web intern reporter Zhuhai Miao reported , according to the U.S. Cable News Network (CNN) February 21 , Human Rights Watch released a report that more and more over 10 -year-old children in Somalia is facing the ravages of war , where the Islamic radical organization
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The total of 104 , the report said , the Somali opposition armed groups , the phenomenon of recruitment of child soldiers in the past there has been more shocking is that more and more children on the battlefield as .

The report also said that the age of these child soldiers, mostly in the 14-17 years old , and some even smaller , . A 15 -year-old child survived him in 2010 and his classmates – a total of 100 boys were abducted to the organization of the Youth Party , now only two people , including himself , to escape , and the rest were killed a .

According to a member of the Human Rights Watch Tila Na ? Hassan Tirana Hassan, these

In addition, the transitional government of Somalia has also been criticized have been using child soldiers . Human Rights Watch said the Somali government should immediately stop such acts and to punish those who do it .

Somalia’s transitional government army chief Abdul – Qadir (Gen. Abdulkadir Ali Diimi) That the report did not make any comments .

February 23 , representatives from over 40 countries will participate in a meeting held in London to discuss how to restore stability in Somalia .


Reported that the case refers to Berlusconi ‘s alleged $ 600

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Global Network reporter Li reported that the Hong Kong Wen Wei Po Milan prosecutor asked the court to bribe the British tax lawyer Mills case , sentenced to Berlusconi ‘s five years in prison .
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Reported that the case refers to Berlusconi ‘s alleged $ 600,000 in bribes , the former British Cabinet Office Minister Jiang the Daisi of separation the husband Mills , so that the other perjury in his lawsuit . Mills because of the crime of accepting bribes in 2009 was sentenced to four and a half years imprisonment , but its appeal beyond the limitation of actions , and later to the case to dismiss the charges .

The report also pointed out that even if Berlusconi accused of crimes , the decision belongs only to the nominal because the their solicitors will certainly appeal , the end result is equally beyond the limitation of actions and withdraw the charges , together with Italian sentencing system 70 . prisoners more tolerant years or older , have reached the 75 – year-old Berlusconi believe that they do not serve their sentences .


and then one to two years to develop a nuclear bomb of delivery

Monday, February 13th, 2012

BEIJING , Feb. 3 , according to foreign media reports that U.S. Defense Secretary Panetta believes that Israel’s manufacturing stage of the nuclear bomb .
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Panetta said:

However , U.S. President Barack Obama and Panetta are opposed to the side of the military attack plan , that this will lead to pressure the international economic sanctions against Iran , and diplomatic failure . But the White House has so far not yet decided to respond to Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear facilities to make what kind of response .

Previously, Panetta said that Iran may be made ​​within a year or so nuclear bombs, and then one to two years to develop a nuclear bomb of delivery , Panetta emphasized that the use of force is also taken into account .

Israeli military intelligence chief Ke Zha Wei said in a statement , Iran’s supreme leader , Ayatollah Ali Khamenei , decided to begin uranium enrichment to produce nuclear weapons , Iran requires only one year can produce four nuclear warheads .

Ke Wei pointed out that , according to the information held by the Israeli intelligence , Iran continues to develop nuclear weapons .


hard underwear

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Unfortunately, including the old and the new more obviously misleading.
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This regard, the United States, Japan and other shooting the historical drama of the war produced, for example, is still broadcast in December 2011 to reflect the Russo-Japanese War, years broadcast a reflection of the Pacific War, Compared to the Civil War drama that they can be said to compete with established now, the gap between the anomalies.

Friends and military enthusiasts look forward to future military Theme on the screens, props and more real, the reference to a more accurate history.

The new

1 BUG1: hand-side light machine-gun fire

Real outcome: Hand machine gun hot airway

The new version of parts of the airway, shooting after burning extremely airway, the hand is not burned strange. This performance heroic scenes, there are also domestic many other film and television works.

Hand-side light machine-gun fire hit rate is actually surprisingly low

Hand side light machine-gun fire not only will be armed hands scorched, if the enemy is not close, then this shooting due to lack of stability, projectiles spread will be unusually large, then if by chance in front of the gunman, there are many of his comrades, then, is likely the result of the enemy not only could not beat, but also wastes a number of his comrades.

In fact, under normal circumstances, as a light machine gun groups rarely have the first charge, light machine guns are generally used as classes at the platoon level fire support, use mostly the bipod open erection in a stable position after the shooting, so in order to ensure the accuracy and continuity of the shooting.

If really want to light machine gunner shoot the truly correct approach is either a bipod to open the bipod feet will be stabilized, so that can guarantee to prevent the gunman hands scorched. Either on the one hand handles, one hand shooting. Or empty firing with both hands to stabilize the frame and the butt of a rifle shot, three kinds of way to be considered is the right approach.

2 BUG2: the officers and men of intensive assault

The real ending: the ultimate ideal of artillery and machine gun target

To the brave of the performance figures, the new But in a real war, this is the enemy artillery, grenades, machine guns, the ultimate ideal target.

In the real impact, the infantry are usually the main skirmish line. In fact none of the Eighth Route Army, New Fourth Army and later the People’s Liberation Army and fighting in the Korean Volunteers in the war waged The real attack is to expand through a certain way.

U.S. 2nd Infantry Division Korean War in the summary of the November 1950 battle described: Volunteers in the attack on a U.S. military infantry company positions, the focus of the beginning of the attack will choose in the main front of the rear side of favorable terrain, attack troops in a row (30) positions. Volunteers for the first time the attack will not arranged in a long skirmish line attack, the attack line is visible up to 60 or 70 outposts, usually 30 to 40.

This shows that our military will not launch During the First World War, the British engineer Lanchester deduced using mathematical way summed up the law in future be known as the fighting relationship between the number of the number of its combat units square with each average combat effectiveness of combat units (average damage rate coefficient) of the product.

3 BUG3: ubiquitous Sten submachine gun

Sten submachine gun known as the TV drama props underwear, and the king. In the new version of Gordon once again through the history of gorgeous. Of Housi Deng the submachine also appear in the film in the hands of the Japanese army special forces, but in front, it is converted into the shape of the German-made MP18 submachine gun. An earlier version of the

In the new version of Therefore, in order to comply with this situation, the Sten submachine gun was converted into MP18 submachine gun like, but not completely converted, from the shape can still be identified.

Sten submachine gun is a 9 mm submachine gun of the British in World War II, mass production and equipment, the British have been using the first 1960s, created a total of over four million. Logistically simple structure, the shape looks very ugly, and irregularities. At first glance, seems to be composed of different size tubes, but the rifle also has many advantages: First, it is a power of quite a good weapon; low cost; third is to facilitate the rapid mass production.

In 1918, the famous German ordnance designers Schmeisser designed the famous MP18 submachine gun. Arms factory production in Bergman Bergman MP18 submachine gun come out, which is the true sense of the world’s first one on the submachine gun. First World War, as the German surplus Mauser pistol and MP18 flowing into China.

1925 Hanyang Arsenal take the lead in imitation of the MP18, but changed to 7.63 mm caliber, 1926 Shanghai arsenal and Jinling Manufacturing Bureau also began to imitate, and two years of production in 6000, Guangdong Gongxian arsenal and Taku shipbuilding also has replica guns and improvements, including 9 mm and 7.65 mm and 7.63 mm caliber. These weapons has the wooden butt of a rifle, a common shape of the left transverse magazine, and the barrel on the sheath covered hole, it is often collectively referred to as the

4 BUG4: fitted modern sight of World War II sniper rifle

Play, the sniper rifle used by the Japanese army also used the 38-type rifle modified knockoff that sight is obviously modern, but the reality, the Japanese use 97 and 99 sniper rifle in appearance and general characteristics of the rifle. than the very obvious. When 97 sniper rifle of the Japanese military factories by Ogura and Nagoya production of a standard 38-style rifle variant. 99 sniper rifle is thicker on the basis of the Type 99 short rifle barrel, fitted with a variant of the gun sight.

After the Japanese Type 97 and Type 99 sniper rifle Truth installed sight obviously depend on the installation position, the eyepiece can easily allow shooter to observe. Play sniper rifle sight is not only a modern product, and the installation position of the front, the shooter aimed at the head almost fit into the gun body, the installation in the actual fighting is extremely inconvenient.

BUG5: 07-style boots through the War

The feet of the Japanese army special forces boots with the audience to open a sort of a small joke: Japanese soldiers feet actually wear a pair of People’s Liberation Army active-duty 07-style boots with the national army soldiers captured at the time the fighting. Of course, compared to the previous BUG can be described as trivial.

Above, only the selection of a new version of

Japanese historical drama

December 25, 2011, continued screening of Japanese rivers drama Original historical novel with the same name as the Shiba Ryotaro, in 1968 (Showa 43) to 1972 (Showa 47), serialized in the Sankei Shimbun. Sakamoto on the cloud

Sakagami cloud

Play performance of the Russo-Japanese War, the war is an imperialist war in northeast China’s land, the play is trying to stand on a new perspective on the key figures of the past re-performance. Finished with Port Arthur in the Russo-Japanese War, was a lot of Japanese hailed as the

Fact Nogi Kisuke in the battle of Port Arthur can only be regarded as quite satisfactory, and three offensive launched Port Arthur can be described as casualties Zhenji impressive only is the wood in the campaign demonstrated the strong determination of the commander. In the third offensive Lushun failure, if not Japan Manchukuo Army Chief of Staff children jade source Taro to Port Arthur the Third Army Command, made the understanding of the Nogi Kisuke, personally 203 Highlands command, and eventually won the 203 Highland, then the results of the Port Arthur battle would still be difficult to predict. The drama of this period is wood to be objective performance.

Similarly, the Tsushima battle with Nogi Kisuke Heihachiro Togo adding that the recognized. Akiyama true on the eve of the Tsushima battle detailed planning, to develop a detailed tactical, which later played a crucial role on the Tsushima battle. While Togo is the tactical guidelines, and Akiyama Masayuki specified in the Tsushima battle to wipe out of tsarist Russia Baltic Fleet.

Japanese war drama props research strictly

Play research for props and costumes are also quite strict, whether both sides ships in the naval battle, or the uniforms of both sides is both stringent research, hard underwear, large visible gap of the corresponding domestic military film and television works contrast. Also need to mention Recently being aggressively tanks is very realistic. Guojun also employed military advisers, but still rife with errors.


animation and production of military training.

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

do beach-goers.

firmly establish the information-led, information superiority concept, officers and men actively

December 28, 2011 to January 10, 2012, Selected one of us, the readers.

People’s Army on January 5

Not long ago, a leader in the Lanzhou Military Region, a Red Army division

The Red Army division, has reached an average of 1.09 people a computer, leave and go out to perform the task to remove the officers and men can be said that everyone has a computer. Teachers Wanghai Jiang said:


To dispel some of the soldiers to operate a computer’s The second battalion of artillery regiment Dean Chu instructor invited a friend who has only a junior high school diploma and projector set up computer operation and demonstration of image processing technology, is one example.

Demonstration class that day, his friend keyboarding, mouse, do the correction for background, do landscaping, see the soldiers eyes are straight. Some soldiers on the spot to the faith:

A ripple. Many non-commissioned officers,

Speaking of men have brought the construction of computer information technology scale, regiment political commissar Li Hong Jian said computer is a tool from the surface, essentially a computer that is one of the world, not only the officers and men to enhance information literacy, to promote the work, Many see the potential impact and change.

Reporters learned that the division into more than 500 million transformation of the barracks network, build 8 Internet bar, 12 simulation training places, more than 20 weapons and equipment of digital libraries (Parking), the company network in more than 150 rooms, set up 79 room

Now, into one of a computer, like a red line, the authorities and the grass roots, grass-roots and grass-roots


The end of 2006 the gold surplus army training period in the new church not only to perfect the physical quality of the win, . However, when the church was selected as the gold surplus non-commissioned officers, the troops advancing the pace of information technology to let him feel the pressure: do not understand information technology, will be marginalized. He used savings to pay to buy a laptop computer, thanks to computer knowledge to understand the new fighter Liu Fengkui as a teacher, and gradually learned to deal with images, create courseware, to carry out combat training network, was named the

Jin Ying Tong as the same officers and men as well. Two years, the division officers and soldiers armed with a computer We focus on joint strike, field information systems integration and synthesis of information on topics such political work to carry out R & D research activities, a total of 48 kinds of facilities, equipment innovation, R & D 78 kinds of training software, produced more than 3,000 sets of courseware … …


Some people say: How to shift from a mainly learning-based entertainment? Three steps to go live this division, forming a

Improved by learning and training. Division will extend the network to the class, establish a network for each company training room, multi-study room, please place a computer school teacher sub-topics counseling, organize games, animation and production of military training.

By traction with the activities. The battalion set up

Rely on institutional mechanisms to ensure that. The division requires everyone to participate in National Computer Rank Examination, specifically the study of training evaluation with the information included in the content, to obtain computer certificates, master the profession of information technology equipment such as the cadres promoted the use of non-commissioned officers the importance of selection and promotion criteria.


and not now

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

U.S. Los Angeles Times reported a few days before the surprise news to many people, the report said, in addition to high-profile send three aircraft carriers to the Gulf region, the fifteen thousand U.S. troops had been secretly sent to Kuwait, the land and sea Full air power assembled in the end mean? Really went to war in Iran? Intense game and both Iraq and what information to disclose?

Iraq in various fields between the two countries recently engaged in a fierce battle, both sides have played the military card, spyware license, license sanctions, the Iranian crisis is deepening. In the three aircraft carriers gathered in the Gulf, the United States, there has been further military initiatives. United States, first large-scale U.S. military troops to Kuwait, although U.S. officials have argued that this move does not mean to send more troops to war.

However, tension in the United States and Iran in the case, many media that the move is of great American. In the U.S. pressure, Iran has played his cards. According to Agence France-Presse news January 14, a senior U.S. Defense Department official said the Iranian Navy boats harassed the U.S. Navy twice in the Strait of Hormuz ships, one of harassment occurred in the United States, amphibious assault ship, sailed through the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf on the way, when three Iranian Navy boats in the range of about 457 meters fast approaching U.S. warships.

Iran has also recently been playing the spy card. According to Iranian state television reported that Iran said there is evidence that the U.S. planned for Iran’s nuclear scientists with the latest assassination. Although the United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton denied the United States should be responsible for the assassination. However, the assassination of nuclear scientists, wrestling has become a key part of Iraq.

With war clouds hanging over the Strait of Hormuz, recently, the United States against Iran has taken a series of intense sanctions, U.S. officials do everywhere, to persuade the countries supported the U.S. sanctions. However, this response was not the same country, India, Turkey and other countries have sanctions against the United States to say

Pressing harder and harder to face the United States, Iran warned that Arab neighbors warned the West not to impose sanctions on the occasion, to increase their oil production to replace Iranian oil, and said Tehran’s Arab neighbors will increase crude oil production as unfriendly act, the consequences will be unpredictable.

Shui Junyi: Well, after watching this video, we look together through the plate so-called According to reports the basic content is to send two infantry brigades, a helicopter unit, which includes the Army 1st Cavalry Division 1st Brigade, in the Gulf United States also decided to maintain the strength of two aircraft carrier battle groups. Relevant content let’s look at the Army, Army 1st Cavalry Division from December 2011 to withdraw from Iraq, more than 4,500 officers and men, which is close to the current figure. In the Middle East called the so-called It’s equipped with main battle tanks like M1A1/A2, M2 infantry fighting vehicles,

We look at the relevant United States, U.S. forces that unstable regions in maintaining the fighting force. Mr. Yin, give us to analyze, if the report is true, the Americans send more troops to the secret here, what is the purpose in the end?

Are reviewing: U.S. military: do not send more troops to Kuwait for the war?

Expert opinion: the U.S. military action against Iran is seriously prepared to do

Yin Zhuo: we can judge from the strategy, the United States is a solid, earnest to prepare for military action against Iran, the military is doing this preparation.

Shui Junyi: first interrupt, to determine your experience, how much of the credibility of the news?

Yin Zhuo: I think this is relatively large and credibility. The two combat brigades to fight a war as that place is definitely not enough, and if if the use of force, now entering the period of Desert Shield, the deployment of troops is still adjusting to do, but the real military action against Iran is the highest decision-making to other Barack Obama determined, according to his election, to determine the situation at home and abroad is not the use of force. But these two brigades must be prepared to deal with Iran, which is either military action against Iran, or support the embassy in Iraq, because Iraq’s embassy where there is 16,000, which are mostly Americans, this very fragile, and now Iraqi Shiite with Iran has become a Shiite section, and now in Iraq leader Saddam Nayi Lang passport in political asylum in Iran, their origin should be fairly deep. If we use force, if the U.S. can catch a large number of U.S. embassy hostages, this time two brigades may play a role.

Another Sources also said that the United States to be between the original anti-missile exercises, now do not show, and now we read each other, the United States and Israel may have conflicts between each other. But this is unlikely, there may be contradictory, this possibility can not be excluded, but the main it may be transported into the Ba Jiuqian are people with combat equipment, is to defend Israel’s combat equipment, are the anti-missile is that it is the combat equipment, so it is not prepared to exercise where it is exposed, such as the frequency does not want Iran to master, so go with the exercises in the name of operation, and then placed there, to the end of the exercise, Ba Jiuqian people in Israel and eating and living, nearly a year to do, who believe it is this.

Shui Junyi: Yes, this argument makes sense. Yin, look at how we were discussing the topic?

Yin Gang: The U.S. trip is to strengthen both their own weakness, the United States and Iran if the standoff in the Gulf region, then there will be weakness, Iran’s air defense forces are very poor, not the poor in general. In fact, Iran is very easy to play, but very worried about retaliation against Iran Gulf GCC countries the affordability, so that after two brigades to Iraq is stable.

Shui Junyi: Because it has an inside, including some of the emergency response mobile force.

Yin Gang: This is not sent to the Iranian military battlefield, across the sea there is no use, would not send ground troops to fight Iran and other Gulf countries, the military from Kuwait to United Arab Emirates are very stable, with less than ground forces, Iran’s ground forces will not come.

Shui Junyi: United States,

Expert opinion: The United States issued a warning to Iran seriously

Yin Gang: The United States wanted the Iranians to know, we are seriously preparing for war, the U.S. is very interesting recent actions, repeatedly emphasize we are not with the Iranians to scare people, if you really block it, really making nuclear weapons, we really play, but also is open that is written repair, but also by a show of force, the United States and Iran are now each other very seriously Sword, Sword of your hard that your sword a little soft.

Comments are: Iran, the U.S. military mine to be ranked with the dolphins?

Expert view: the United States and its allies are fully capable of wiping out the Strait of Hormuz mine

Shui Junyi: This is our analysis it is also confusing, and some also pay attention to some details, then one of the details reported today, I noticed this quite interesting, the Americans really have noticed some of the details, Americans are to the Gulf Many areas were able to mine the dolphins, 80 dolphins mine, which is one of its data, is the U.S. military mine clearance dolphins. How to work it, is said by the dolphin’s sonar system through which it can be found in mines, mine clearance and dispatch engineers to the mine sweeping. Mr. Yin, how to interpret such a message? Whether it is true, but the U.S. is not noticed at least some of the details of the problem?

Yin Cho: Yes, because blockade of the Strait of Hormuz is not the greatest threat to the American anti-ship missiles or submarines, these things should use it to grasp the technology is relatively large, but not sure of is that most mines, the U.S. Navy from Army since the end of World War II from the actual development of the hysteresis is not as good as mine force European countries, the first Gulf War and during the Iraq war, to get through the Strait of Hormuz mainly by European countries, the United States, not mine minesweeper , mine is by helicopter, but the effect is not very good helicopter mine. The United States proposed the dolphins were in the past, is indeed being trained dolphins in with dolphins for mine hunting, mine clearance, mine-hunting is mainly found where mines and mine-hunting camp with engineering or send explosives to put in there.

Shui Junyi: This technically, including the training of animals on the fly from it?

Yin Zhuo: tricky, but possible, this training has been training for over ten years, 20 years, not only from the beginning of this year, very early training in mine-hunting dolphins, dolphin hunting, mine hunting and mine than the one to have a significant advantage, is very sensitive, and sneak in a long time underwater. Again dolphins have sonar systems, it is said this also with artificial sonar to help it find mine, because mine-hunting, or to use television, or use high-frequency sonar, it is not particularly clear profiling, while the Once the cloth inside the mines to the sea, in particular, Shen mines, mud or seaweed will soon be buried up to, hard to find things with wood and stone, but this sonar can penetrate the plant, penetrate the surface of the sludge was found inside the metal, just like mine. If it is anti-ship must be large mines, the mines must have such large metal objects inside, the plastic is completely impossible, it is possible.

Shui Junyi: This can also be understood as the United States sent a message to Iran is that you do not worry mine, we’ve got more than 80 Dolphin, 3 minutes to solve all your mines, but Iran also have strokes, just short in our also referred to Iran to send boats to harass large warships. Mr. Yin Gang also mentioned, two games each weakness, Iran’s air force is slightly worse, the United States has its other weakness. Like to use this boat to harassment, including aircraft carriers, including large ships, Iran is not very good? I see a lot of Iran’s military exercises, including what we now see that things are dry.

Yin Gang: the 1980s tanker war, when a small boat carrying four rocket is to a large tanker to fight paralysis, and not now, this four rocket-propelled grenades hit ship Bust, harassment like this one that are not used, The harassment took the AK-47, holding automatic rifles are teasing play on, it makes no sense. Iran knows the United States will not fight it.


for the detection of nuclear weapons performance

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

BEIJING, Jan. 6 , according to Kyodo News reported on the 6th , for the detection of nuclear weapons performance , the U.S. Department of Energy’s nuclear military Administration (NNSA) last summer in New Mexico, Sandia National Laboratory conducted a test of new plutonium . This is the second in November 2010 and March 2011 after the first three tests .

According to NNSA introduced, although these tests the same sub-critical nuclear tests , but without nuclear testing ground and explosives , has to further improve the role of sub-critical nuclear tests .

Obama took office the United States have been conducted three times a sub-critical nuclear tests, the United States in the promotion of

According to NNSA ‘s nuclear weapons management reports described the test produced the world’s most powerful X-ray of the


up and out and equipment of troops up to the participants.

Monday, January 16th, 2012

New Year, with the The voyage, the regiment in the Pacific successfully completed the first deep sea low altitude search and rescue, medical support high-sea hard drills, combat effectiveness of new breakthroughs.

In the past year, the group adhere to the training voyage, the Gulf of Aden and Somali waters escorted to speed up combat power as a major task to generate a paradigm shift in practice platform, setting a Navy aircraft carrier task unit into combat readiness level of the shortest turn, before the distances, the longest time you start the flight, the flight time of up to one frame, one ready to fly up to other 12 subjects breakthrough, marking the regiment in the complex conditions of real combat training level to a new height.

The carrier-based aircraft carrier group is the first military helicopter unit, has participated in and accomplished the construction of Great Wall Chinese Antarctic research station, the South Pacific salvage tank rocket data, aerial submarine missile and other major tasks, with the ship has visited nearly 40 countries and regions around the world on five continents, three oceans track. Performed in 10 batches of Navy escort mission, the regiment has sent nine helicopters to escort five batches with the ship, dispatched 172 officers and men passengers, naval aviation is to participate in batches of up, up and out and equipment of troops up to the participants.

Groups of units across the ocean sea, experience in big waves in the growth of the drill ground for the New Year into a steady stream of energy. Reporters witnessed the Yellow Sea in winter a real state of emergency driving. Take-off command is received, ship quickly attack aviation sector: the hangar, exhibition rotor, drive … … just last October the regiment returned from the Gulf of Aden flying three deputy brigade commander Li Zheng quickly to place, the driver went to the target aircraft emergency sea, to sea-based aircraft carrier off the shortest time record of fighting challenge … …

On-site commander, political commissar Yang Jiang told reporters: In recent years, the regiment party committee to Jiangong dark blue, to expand the mission as the main theme of the implementation stage, the Pacific, Indian Ocean unfamiliar waters as training grounds, to take off as a battle every time. Adopt a task, for the first time without landing ground to do to protect emergency fuel vehicles, the first full on their own organization and other logistical support of naval aviation The deep ocean iron wing, military aviation anti-submarine, sea search and rescue combat capability has been a qualitative leap.