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and composed of two submarines ‘ Dokdo Island from the fleet in ‘

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Global Network reporter Chang reported , according to South Korean media reports , South Korea in order to strengthen the independence Island ( Japan called from the fleet on the island . The aim to take one hand and China and Japan in response to a territorial dispute between , on the other is in response to neighboring naval forces increased.

According to Korea , (about 2.733 million yuan ) .

South Korea’s parliament , said that 500 million won mainly used to study the Japanese Navy in response to the increasing power and the development of In this Budget, the additional conditions clearly indicate that DAPA is to According to the result , South Korean Defense Ministry plans to establish It is reported that South Korean military to prepare for the first preliminary study with 500 million won from 2013 to begin preparations

Special Committee on Budget and Accounts official said : and composed of two submarines ‘ Dokdo Island from the fleet in ‘ , and plans in the next five years to invest 6.5 trillion won the fleet . base.

Rocks for the Soviet Union , the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman has said , the Soviet Union is located in the northern East China Sea reef underwater reefs , China and South Korea in no territorial disputes. China in the Soviet Union ‘s position on the rocks is consistent , clear, ROK’s unilateral actions can not produce any legal effect . ★


higher purity of the enriched uranium Iran needs to continue relevant medical research.

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

TEHRAN, January 1 (Reporter Du Yuan Jiang Heguang sea) 1, Atomic Energy Organization of Iran on its official Web site said in a statement , the organization researchers have successfully produced and tested its first Iranian -made nuclear fuel rods .

The statement said , While the use of natural uranium fuel rods are made ​​. Iran during all the preliminary tests, the fuel rods While this has been installed for medical research on Tehran’s nuclear reactor core , in order to further test its performance .

January 2011 , when he was Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization Xisalixi announced that Iran has achieved self-produced nuclear fuel plates and rods , master of the Western countries that Iran does not have the technology. However, this statement by the United States and Britain and other countries questioned.

Tehran’s nuclear reactor was in the 1950s the product of US-Iraq bilateral nuclear cooperation , initially provided by the U.S. highly enriched uranium as fuel. In 1979 after the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran , Iraq deterioration of bilateral relations , the U.S. refused to supply nuclear fuel to Iran , Iran will depend on fuel imports from Argentina to maintain the operation of nuclear reactors . Iranian officials have repeatedly said that Tehran has a nuclear reactor fuel is running out of inventory , higher purity of the enriched uranium Iran needs to continue relevant medical research.


scientists survey the city of Berlin with a total of 140 species of bird life

Friday, January 6th, 2012

In the dawn of 2012 , Berlin, Germany, various animal associations have an appeal for people to set off firecrackers fireworks celebration , to protect small animals . Because living in the German capital, thousands of wild animals.

According to the German Like when the number of the most famous gardens in each infested wild boar , the number of 6,000 bulls . The raccoon is presumptuous in the city , people often toss the family garage was a mess , sometimes tiptoe peep through the windows of residents of the home situation. Is recognized as the master of fox adapt to the environment , but also every corner of life in Berlin , the most famous of the frequent visits Merkel , Compared to a small squirrel , hedgehog and duck are loved by the public . Greater number of birds , scientists survey the city of Berlin with a total of 140 species of bird life , still more than many nature reserves .

The reason , scientists say , because the urban environment Bisen Lin and rural areas more diverse , there is more food , warmer , Berlin was very friendly to animals , animals do not escape the


ranked the second

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

International online news: According to the Ministry of Commerce Web site reported , mainly to reflect the economic situation in Africa, the French magazine

The ranking based on 1698 to provide detailed data on African enterprises , of which the Angolan national oil company turnover of 22.24 billion U.S. dollars , ranked the second , No. 3-20 are South African companies.

The same period in various regions of Africa, there are released by companies list and list of industries and enterprises , 70 enterprises in the Central African region strong list, Cameroon national oil and gas companies , national oil refining company in Cameroon , the world’s fourth largest oil and gas company Total (Gabon ) occupy the top three companies in turn .


the western development engine

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012


28 farewell ceremony was held in Pyongyang

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

BEIJING, Dec. 20 (Xinhua) integrated media reports , North Korea publicly placed 20 Fairview Hill Memorial in the capital, Pyongyang, North Korean leader Kim Jong Il ‘s palace remains .

China Central Television quoted the Korean Central Television broadcast the footage showed Kim ‘s body placed in a crystal coffin , the wearing of people dressed in the usual equipment , crystal coffin around Kim Jong Il is also decorated with red flowers and white chrysanthemums .

North Korean television broadcast the same day his father Kim Jong-il Kim Jong-un mourners attended the ceremony and pay tribute to their body images .

The day of the Korean Workers Party Central Committee Military Commission Vice Chairman Kim Jong-un , and the Korean party, the state department of cadres with military parade to pay tribute to Kim Jong Il remains in its spirit to express condolences before . Central News Agency said:

Korean Central Television reported that the Korean people will unite in the Korean Workers Party Central Committee Military Commission Vice Chairman Kim Jong-un ‘s leadership to continue building socialism with Korean characteristics , remain committed to national unity , to promote the autonomy of the world , made ​​up Kim did not complete the determination to achieve the desire .

19 North Korea announced the death of Kim Jong Il , has established the National Funeral Committee , from December 20 to 27 acceptable condolence , 28 farewell ceremony was held in Pyongyang , 29, held a central memorial meeting .


Liu Weimin said.

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

China news agency, Beijing, December 13 – Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin, 13, a regular press conference that China’s Han Guohai Police conflict with the casualties of Chinese fishermen expressed regret .

Liu Weimin said.

Liu Weimin said , China is ready to actively cooperate with the ROK , as soon as possible and properly handle relevant issues .

Yesterday there were reports that two Han Guohai Police enforcement in the Yellow Sea clashed with the Chinese fishermen , a maritime police were injured , police killed another sea . In a press conference yesterday afternoon , said Liu Weimin , China has taken note of the report , is further verification of the relevant circumstances . Hoped that the ROK can fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese fishermen , and to give proper humanitarian treatment .


China unveiled an unmanned reconnaissance aircraft

Monday, December 12th, 2011

According to the U.S. ,

The article said that in August this year , China unveiled an unmanned reconnaissance aircraft , it do only the size of the pan with a big pizza . The UAV to carry the camera itself and its technological level is not outstanding, but the real shock is that people feel that it shows that China joined the UAV R & D competition.

The article said that in the coming months , countries in this area could make more and more advanced UAVs come out . A good proof is that China’s According to

Projections by the time these projects , China will need to create these UAVs years.


including more than 25 people were injured

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Earlier on Thursday Israeli military sent warplanes have attacked the target vehicle in Gaza , killing two claims are plotted violent attacks Palestinian militants . Hamas spokesman condemned the Israeli air strikes , saying it is completely crime. Southern Israel on Thursday to Palestinian rocket fire revenge , but no casualties.

Palestinians and Israelis escalated the conflict in recent days , Israel has been continuous since Thursday launched two air strikes on the Gaza Strip , killing at least three people were killed .

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