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Reported that the Mirage 2000TH from melon Lille

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Liu Kun , reporter of the World Wide Web reports: According to Indian Express , February 24 , the Indian Air Force a Phantom the 2000TH coach / fighter crashed in the day of flight training , the two pilots parachuting survivors , the crash site is located in Madhya Pradesh , India , Binder District ( Bhind ).
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Reported that the Mirage 2000TH from melon Lille ( of Gwalior ) the Maharaj Pula ( Maharajpura , ) Air Force Base , the attachment of the base 51 Mirage fighter . Indian Air Force spokesman said the Mirage fighter in the mid – 1980s introduced from France’s Dassault , the flight safety record is good .

It is reported that the Indian Air Force has also recently signed with France’s Dassault , Thales and European missile manufacturer MBDA’s worth $ 3.2 billion contract to upgrade the Mirage 2000 fighters .

It is worth mentioning is that which the crash , the two driving Mirage 2000TH fighter pilots , an Anil – Chopra Anil Chopra, Air Force Lieutenant General . This accident was the second of the Indian Air Force plane crash since 2012 , and January 30 this long ago , a HJT – 16 light ( Kiran ) Mk II trainer aircraft crashed


and the frequency of the radar

Friday, February 24th, 2012

The dawn of February 21, with a loaded electromagnetic interference cabins, act as the ships of the commence a landing ship detachment of more than 10 ships between the composition of the landing base.
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in the formation of a new amphibious landing ship operational command room, the commander is in accordance with the planned deployment of the landing operations, organization and landing battle groups start landing formation. Radar is fixed on the front of the screen, closely watching the trend of the landing group action …

suddenly on the radar screen, a Army has quietly launched the attack. the exercise of

Adjusting team leader of the detachment Ji Hongtao told reporters, and the frequency of the radar, and other information systems, and timely electromagnetic interference to prevent the landing forces operations.

Soon formation data transmission back to normal. in the first transportation group,

preparations for the implementation of the the

Flexible means of communication, withstood the attacks of the cunning

to prevent the back-up channels the command liaison and operational synergies. In the end, landing the group out of the electromagnetic

reporter has learned that since the beginning of the year, the squadron continued to increase under conditions of informatization landing operations research and training efforts to drill through the whole set of complex electromagnetic environment real battle against forces commanders at all levels want to countermeasures out trick and landing operations of the new tactics and training methods to explore the implementation of a number of complex conditions, and effectively improve the overall combat capability of the detachment under conditions of informatization


the Obama administration is appropriate

Monday, February 20th, 2012

The Government of the United States Barack Obama is considering several sets to slash nuclear weapons program. The Associated Press 14 comments on disclosure of this message, if the above program is implemented, even if the adoption of which cut the smallest set of the United States would take a bold step in the field of nuclear disarmament.
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Or reduced to 300-400

AP An unnamed former government official and a congressional staff, news sources reported, the Obama administration is appropriate, at least three sets of reductions in nuclear program, which has deployed nuclear warheads to 1000-1100 700-800 or 300-400.

The late 1980s, the number of nuclear warheads to reach a peak of over 12,000 pieces. In 2003, this figure dropped to less than 5000. According to formally came into effect in February last year, the United States and Russia, the new version of the reduction and limitation of strategic offensive weapons treaty, 2018, the upper limit of deployed nuclear warheads by both sides should be 1550. As of September 1 last year, the U.S. nuclear warheads has been reduced to 1790, Russia was reduced to 1566.

According to the Associated Press, the Obama administration is considering three sets of programs in 1550 as a starting point, and continue to cut nuclear warheads. This news agency predicted that if the deployed nuclear warheads to 300-400, the size of the U.S. nuclear weapons is equivalent to 1950 levels.

The Obama administration has not yet make a decision on these three sets of nuclear weapons reduction program.

Responsible for drafting the program by the Pentagon, have not yet submitted to the Obama White House National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vito said.

The reduction of nuclear weapons is one of the major policy advocated by Obama since he took office. He put forward the proposition of the

The deployment of 311 is enough,

In the United States, the reduction of nuclear weapons are highly controversial. Supporters argue that respond to 21st century security threats from terrorism, the formation of the Cold War nuclear deterrence strategy no longer works.

3 U.S. Air Force analysts published research article in the Air Force publication

However, the AP analysis, the program being considered at this stage, even select the smallest set of reductions, there may have been fierce criticism of the Republican Party. Critics argue that, if the program is implemented, the strengthening of Russia and other countries nuclear capabilities will inevitably weakened the situation of the U.S. nuclear capability. In addition, the number of nuclear warheads to reduce will weaken the ability of U.S. allies such as Japan, South Korea’s


Lavrov stressed that jinzhengen after the handover is completed

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

According to the Korea International Radio reported on January 30 , Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia hopes to restart the six-party talks to discuss the North Korean nuclear issue in the first half of this year , the World Wide Web Reporter Chang reported .
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According to reports, Lavrov made ​​in an interview with Japan’s NHK , the above statement . He said that if you do not any

Lavrov stressed that jinzhengen after the handover is completed , North Korea is moving toward stability, and the leadership team did not show differences in the new environment .

Lavrov said jinzhengen had declared that He also said that in August last year , Kim Jong Il ‘s visit to Russia had indicated that North Korea has well prepared to unconditionally restart the Six-Party Talks .


Nine people were injured

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

(Reporter Zhang Han Xu Lu Yang Lu Liu Yang Man) 10 o’clock yesterday morning, a black Tibetan Mastiff in the West Village, Chaoyang District, in the mouth, nine consecutive bites. Chaoyang police arrived, with three police hit Tibetan Mastiff, Tibetan mastiff penetrating a yard toilet, police used tranquilizer gun to subdue Tibetan mastiff.

Tibetan mastiff bite has not called

Yesterday, 10:00 am, in Chaoyang District, village, Zhang Shuai driving the vehicle due to failure to stop at an auto parts store door.

According to Zhang Shuai said vehicle, he felt a little leg bitten, do not react, a black Tibetan mastiff jumped up, claws toward his left arm, Zhang Shuai hastily taken refuge in the car. Auto parts store owner quickly two children were four and a half years old in the house hold.

Witnesses said the Tibetan mastiff from the north along the road after the auto parts store out, they bite a few people.

Memories she had got injured, the 15-year-old sister Xiao Qing downstairs to buy things, and soon, on the second floor of the family heard Xiaoqing crying, she had got, and parents rushed down the stairs, my sister has been bitten by a Tibetan mastiff.

Miss Meng Xiao Qing, said her mother, she came to save her daughter want to, when surrounded by people shouting, right leg were bitten, she said, after she ran away when bitten accidentally fell, his left foot sprain.

Zhou said, she and her father picked a brick one, want to save the mother dog, the dog rushed over towards her, she was bitten on a finger in each hand. Subsequently, the dog toward her father.

Many wounded memories, bite the process, the Tibetan mastiff has not called off, a couple being chased into a yard, the hospital owner shovel hand dance Tibetan mastiff before returning path.

Hit three police cars Tibetan mastiff

Tibetan mastiff bite stop on the road, warning the residents, the police quickly rushed to the scene.

Mr. Zhang said nearby residents, the police tried to subdue the Tibetan mastiff, but could not succeed. Subsequently, the police on the police car, drove to the Tibetan mastiff collision. Tibetan mastiff ran all the way, knocked down three times by police, and finally go into a yard toilet.

According to Zhang, the Tibetan Mastiff has been left alone in the toilet, police have been guarding the toilets. 13:30 Xu, a tranquilizer gun police who arrived on the toilet side turned to two meters high walls, guns hits Tibetan mastiff.

Tibetan mastiff is anesthetized, the police entered the toilet, to capture and take away.

Nine people were injured, four heavy

Reporters learned from the police yesterday, nine people were attacked Tibetan mastiff, four of them seriously injured, was admitted to the second hospital, Chaoyang District.

The remaining five minor injuries, the Chaoyang District Centre for Disease Control and Prevention for treatment.

Seriously injured were accepted sterilization, infusion, vaccination and other treatment. According to the Second Hospital of Chaoyang District, prescription, treatment of the injured will continue to the end of February.

■ Interrupted

Police are looking for Tibetan mastiff owner

Yesterday, both the injured and some years Zhuangju Min said, not seen in the vicinity of the Tibetan mastiff bites,

Introduce a resident nearby, he heard a man in Year 4 was a black dog in village attack, the black dog’s characteristics and very hot yesterday, very close to the Tibetan mastiff, location is also the site of the incident yesterday. The residents said, but fortunately the man hiding behind a supermarket billboards, was not injured.

In an alley west of the village, the reporter found a pole in a search dog notices: phone, no one answered.

Yesterday, the sun, police said, the Tibetan mastiff is temporarily unable to determine the identity of the owner, the police are further look.

■ lawyers say

Tibetan mastiff owner should compensate

Yesterday, a family of four are Tibetan mastiff attacked Mr. Zhou said the CDC’s destined to spend nearly three treatment thousand dollars, paid all their own. Other Victims, also known as pay for their own treatment.

King Wan Ho Man law firm, said, according to the Tort Liability Act, causes harm to animals, animal keeper or manager shall bear tort liability, but to prove that the damage is due to the infringer’s intent or gross negligence, can not assume responsibility or mitigate. Abandonment, escape of animals abandoned, causing damage to others during the escape, the former animal keeper or manager liable for infringement.

HE Wen said, according to victims and witnesses described the assault before the Tibetan mastiff, mastiff injured no active provocative behavior, so the injured through no fault of this case, the Tibetan mastiff owner or manager (including the original owner and managers) should bear the liability.


for including the However

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Global Network reporter Wang Huan reported recently that some Japanese media personnel from the aircraft on the East China Sea oil and gas fields of the aerial photography, said that the top of a flame spray production facilities, and is accompanied by black smoke. Japanese media on this speculated that China or the East China Sea

Japan’s NHK television station on January 31 reported that the station staff on January 26 from the plane of the East China Sea According to the captured image is displayed, the East China Sea gas field development facilities in the top of the flame spray, along with a touch of smoke. Experts in this regard that After a careful identification of the image can be confirmed that evidence that in some areas of the operating personnel on the scene.

Reported that, for including the However, to the first 2 years in January 2009, In this regard, the Japanese government has

NHK television station also quoted a job for many years engaged in oil and gas development point of view of technical personnel, the report said single exhaust flame from the mining facilities can not determine whether the issue has entered the production stage.

Japanese media had also repeatedly called China’s Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman made it clear that the Japanese media reports related to the Sino-Japanese East China Sea issue is the distortion of the principle of consensus. China and Japan to be mentioned in the principle of consensus to consultations on the joint development of


only encouraged Japan to attack the Soviet Union. Today

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Ming Jesuit Catholic missionaries in China, with the astronomical calendar and clock as a gift to enter the missionary work in China, due to the failure of Rites. The Opium War, the British Protestant missionaries missionary to China, the schools and hospitals built by China to enlightenment, and ultimately with great success.

Chinese National People’s Congress are grateful American sense of justice, In fact, University of Illinois in 1906, President James submitted to the President Not the same as the United States and other powers, from the outset a big way in China, education and training pro-American cultural elites, and thus to influence through their control of China, is extremely thoughtful cultural strategy.

As America’s first preparatory school, Tsinghua University, Beijing University (now Beijing University), Nanjing University of Nanking, Changsha Yale University (the big half, China has trained several generations of the pro-American intellectual elite.

After the reforms, most Chinese students are sent to the United States, sending provincial government has continued to train senior officials to the United States, deeply affected the elite in America today that China’s political, economic and cultural intelligentsia.

In addition, since Yan Fu’s translation of Evolution and Ethics after the century China by the inferiority terminally ill, generally constitute the intellectual elite of China’s pro-American cultural history of Chong reason the United States.

Japan originally by the U.S. and British support to counterbalance China and Russia. 1894 Japan launched a Sino-Japanese War, the United States and Britain by a Japanese consortium to provide military loans. The United States in support of the Japanese occupation of Korea during the Sino-American military advisers to help China defeat the Japanese Navy Northern Fleet, also chimed in Japan to the Chinese diplomatic blackmail cede territory and pay reparations. 1931-1941 decade, aid has been on the U.S. invasion, only encouraged Japan to attack the Soviet Union. Today, the post-war Japan by the United States castration, has become a sovereign country is not complete. Sino-Japanese relations, such as the Diaoyu Islands issue, China-US relations is in fact behind.

Chinese intellectuals today, in addition to pro-American worship beauty, but also filled with a clear atmosphere of hatred of Japan hate Russia. Turn on the TV, across Japanese television. Japanese subjects continued to stimulate the people’s hatred towards Japan. At the same time, the history of Chinese intellectuals to reverse the verdict set off large-scale wind. One of the most sensational of reversing the verdict, is made Soviet agent murdered Chang Tso-lin Huanggutun event, the Soviets forged Negative I do not intend for discussion here, just want to say, to reverse the verdict at this exculpatory for the Japanese invasion of China, the Chinese people to hate the Soviet Union.

Today, Chinese intellectuals hate hatred of Japan rendered Russia, it seems do not have means. Because this deterioration of relations with neighboring China, only the United States benefit, in line with the U.S. global strategy. And a powerful intellectual forces in China trying to drive a wedge between, hatred of the Japanese and Sino-Russian relations, this tendency is worth ruminate? This hatred of Japan behind hate Russia, have profound meaning in the United States to encourage love of Yan? Also, in Japanese subjects full of screens at the same time, the great Korean War but rarely in our film, whether the pro-American worship outside the United States and the United States fear it? U.S. instigating the South China Sea issue, and encouraged anti-Vietnam and India, C-shaped ring China, as well as financial exploitation, etc., the United States today is the rise of China’s most dangerous enemies. ▲ (


if the security personnel found a suspicious item in luggage

Friday, January 13th, 2012

3, open a U.S. court documents show, a U.S. Army soldier on active service on 31 December last year, almost carrying C4 plastic explosives on board airliners.

Investigators have been in this criminal prosecution soldiers, but the latter denied boarding deliberately carrying explosives, was not aware of C4 explosives, said in his handbag.

■ two violations

Soldiers involved called Atwater, aged 30, who lives in Hope Mills, North Carolina.

December 24, he and his family from North Carolina to Texas over the Christmas holiday. Atwater at the Fayetteville airport to board a flight, the airport security screening officers with scanning equipment, he found a military smoke handbag.

Court documents show that airport officials were warning of Atwater, still allowing him to board the plane.

7 days later, Atwater again in Midland, Texas, International Airport was stopped by security personnel. This time, he’s handbag appear explosives. A U.S. Transportation Security Administration staff with the scanning device in the bag Atwater found a suspicious object. The police bomb disposal team identification, suspicious of the C4 explosives.

Document does not mention whether Atwater’s handbag has detonated explosives detonators.

Atwater elite troops under the

Atwater claims bomb disposal experts, three to the battlefield in Afghanistan, in April last year to return home. He explained to investigators, in Afghanistan, where his special operations team tasks will carry at least two C4 explosives, he did not know when the bag back to the U.S. within the explosives.

In general, C4 can be used for blasting explosives tied to hinge on the door or suspicious device detonated.

Atwater said he returned to the United States, the bag has been stored in the garage at home. Vacation before leaving, he took out bag, put some children’s products. At that time, he checked the bag of the largest pocket, did not find C4 explosives.

■ fear of imprisonment

C4 explosives come from the greatest doubt. Court documents suggest, Atwater does not rule out explosives in Afghanistan possible. However, there is a doubt: December 24 last year, he boarded the plane, handbag whether there are C4 explosives?

In general, if the security personnel found a suspicious item in luggage, will once again be careful of this baggage X-ray scanning, to ensure foolproof. Court documents did not say whether 明费耶特维尔 airport security personnel to perform this procedure.

In addition, Atwater investigators initially received inquiries, no mention was stopped 24.

FBI agents in the prosecution file, Richardson said: forgot to mention this event in.

Investigators the final decision on the Atwater criminal prosecution on charges of trying to carry explosives on board. If convicted, Atwater faces up to 10 years in prison.


SAN January 5 morning news

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

SAN January 5 morning news, Ninetowns (Nasdaq: NCTY) and Sony Ericsson today announced a strategic cooperation agreement , Ninetowns will carry Sony Ericsson’s PlayNow application store operations in China , technical support work. It is understood that the three-year partnership began earlier this month .

PlayNow application store for the XPERIA smartphone users applications , ringtones, themes and other mobile entertainment resource . According to the agreement , Ninetowns PlayNow application store will provide technical , operational support work , including the Sony Ericsson do to help test a variety of applications , on-line and promotion , and so on .

In addition , Ninetowns PlayNow application store will be dedicated to the introduction of high-quality JAVA and ANDROID game and all kinds of applications.

Ninetowns vice president and general manager of the wireless Internet business set Shen said that the cooperation can help to further close Ninetowns mobile users, while PlayNow Ninetowns also committed to build app store as a fair and transparent cooperation platform for the majority of developers the opportunity to create win-win cooperation .

With the launching of bilateral cooperation and in-depth , all XPERIA smartphone users through mobile application stores built PlayNow client , will continue to be constantly updated entertainment content


Yang Jie

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

China military network correspondent , Jan. 6 (Xinhua) ( Liberation Army Daily reporter PENG Dan ) by the Chinese military network correspondent channel and products sponsored by wealthy Kat 20 second prize , third prize 30 .

China’s space industry , although only 40 have gone through the Spring and Autumn , but the Chinese nation has long been yearning for continued exploration of the universe thousands of years. The participants in the solicitation activities , for years over sixties elderly, early elementary school children, have talented poets writers, but also from front-line staff space launch , there are still suffering from heart space of disability enthusiastic users . They shared their words with the story of space , space with a childhood dream to express emotions and feelings with all the space . As of the end of December last year, end of the event , editorial entries received thousands of articles have been introduced in the Chinese military network correspondent channels preferred some articles published , after careful selection of judges , winners will now be published as follows , please winners Contact with the editorial department , E-mail :

First Prize : Zhangzhi Shan , Wei-Feng Li , Wen Sang , Lingchuan , Chen Nova , Chensi Xia , Zhao Nisshin , Lisi Jia , Yang Bing , ZHANG Xue-liang

Second Prize : Liushu Tao , Zhou Road , Qi Zhen Yong Xu were the same , Hu Shangzhi , Liang Yue , Wei Biao , Fei Xue , Li said water, Xue Luguang , Bao Weiping , Jun , Han , Xiao-Hua Zhang , sincere , Jia -day , Wusi Hao , Yi Xin Miao Dragon , Ren Shufen

Third prize: Europe following the mountain, Ni Hongzhi , Xu Zhiyong , LI Rong-hua , Huang Jie , Hua Xia policy , Xianfeng received , stone raw election , Lu Jiale , Tianqing You , TIAN Mao wide , Yang Jie , Cho Young yuan , Li Chunlong , Liu Hongguang , Xiang Wu , in eternal life , Shen Jiawei , pro- Tsung Chen , Tao Fengming , Cai Wenying , Zhang Xin , Zhang bao , Zhang Huiqin , Haocheng Lin , Deng Qi right , leaves Hill , Tande Zhong , Miao Yun-Hui , Hu Shulin